Building & Renovation

Offering architecture, interior design, refurbishments and renovation services. Calle 88 Nº. 22A-08. Zona Norte.
Juan Construye
Construction and building supply offering services for building and renovations. Autopista Norte Nº. 147A-31. Zona Norte.
Grupo Conika
Offering services in planning and organizing projects, structuring and direction of projects, and execution and construction. Building and remodelling, green arcitecture. Calle122 Nº. 7A-69. Office 402. Zona Norte.
Reparaciones Locativas en Bogota
Dry wall, plumbing, painting and 24 hour emergency services. Handyman services for repairs, remodelling and renovations.
Ambientes y Proyectos
Leading company in remodelling, renovation and building projects for home and offices. Carrera 56 Nº. 137B-60. Tower 2. Office 504. Zona Occidente.
Remodelling, renovation and building services at Carrera 16 Nº. 127B-43. Tower 1. Office 1004. Zona Norte.
Simon Hampton
Young architect based in London and Bogota, offering his services in design, construction, renovation and building projects.
Grupo Eurosystem
Windows, shutters, energy saving windows, sound insulation, thermal insulation. Hand rails, decks, doors and roofing alternatives. Remodelling services and hand labour. Calle 72 Nº 9-55. Office 503. Zona Norte.