Building Supply, Hardware & DIY

Home Sentry
Chain of DIY and home decoration stores selling gardening, pet and construction supplies, furniture and wedding list and hardware store.
Chain of stores selling DIY, gardening and home supplies and products. Mega stores in several points in the city. Monday to Friday: 07:00-21:00. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 08:00-20:00. Calle 175 Nº. 22-13. Zona Norte.
Construction and DIY specialized market, selling parts, materials and supplies. Renting equipment and tools for construction and renovation projects, consulting and cutting, packaging and delivery. Carrera 68 Nº. 80-77. Floor 2. Zona Occidente.
Juan Construye
Construction and building supply offering services for building and renovations. Autopista Norte Nº. 147A-31. Zona Norte.
Ferreteria Mamut
Hardware store selling construction supplies, DIY and building products and gear. Autopista Norte Nº.168-27. Zona Norte. 24 hour locksmith services.
Chain of DIY markets selling construction supplies, furniture, bathrooms and kitchens, pain, tools and parts, pets and gardening supplies. Several locations around the city.