Business Associations & Networking

Colombian Hotels Association COTELCO
Association of hotels and tourism, tourist quality certification and Environmental stamp according to national law. Website in Spanish. Carrera 11A Nº. 69-79. Zona Norte.
LGBT Chamber of Commerce
The LGBT Chamber of Commerce looks to represent and explore the business opportunities of the LGBT market segment. Statistic data and assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs. Calle 57 N° 10-24 Office 404. Chapinero
Bogota Chamber of Commerce
Public register, business services, mediation and conflict resolution services to companies registered in Bogota. Several offices around the city. Central office at Carrera 27 Nº. 15-10. Zona Centro.
Small Business Association ACOPI
Represents the associates, small businesses, to the governmental, international organs and public opinion. Training services for affiliate companies. Website in Spanish only. At Carrera 15 N° 36-70. Zona Centro.
National Association of Exporters
Guidance for exporters to improve their business relations with other countries and to take advantage of the current Free Trade Agreements. Calle 40 Nº. 13-09. Floor 10. Chapinero.
Colombian Grain Growers Federation
Non for profit trade organization representing all the grain growers in the country. Kilometro 1, Via Cota Siberia, vereda El Abra. Cota.
Colombian American Chamber of commerce
Offering its affiliates and investment centre with business counselling and investment opportunities. Networking events. Calle 98 Nº. 22-64. Office 1209.
Colombian Association of Translators and Interpreters ACTI
Aiming to professionalize translation and interpretation within an ethical frame. Provides assistance in conforming to international quality standards for translators and interpreters.
Banking Association ASOBANCARIA
Representing the Colombian financial sector, its Members are national and international banks. Provides information and publications regarding economic, legal and business matters. Website in Spanish. Carrera 9 Nº74-08. Floor 9. Zona Norte.
Andean Development Corporation CAF
Financial institution formed by 18 different nations. It fosters sustainable development and regional integration in Latin America. The head quarter is in Caracas, Venezuela and Colombian office in Bogota at Carrera 9A # 76-49. Floor 7. Zona Norte
Bancoldex (Foreign Trade Bank)
Provide entrepreneurial support, funding and foreign trade consultancy. Credits, liquidity and capitalization services. Calle 28 Nº13A-5. Floor 37-42. Zona Centro.
Council of American Companies CEA
Assist and represent American capital companies in Colombia. Linked with the Council of Americas in New York. Offices at Calle 99 Nº. 7A-77. Zona Norte
Merchants Association FENALCO
Publications, news, research and assistance to affiliates. Represent interests of merchants and assist with developing businesses. Carrera 4 Nº. 19 - 85. Floor 7.
Association of Flower Exporters
The association represents Colombian flower growers who are responsible for the export of over 75% of Colombian flowers. Carrera 9A Nº 90-53. Zona Norte.
Association of Automotive Importers and Exporters
Association providing training and research in the areas of vehicle import and export with Spanish publications with information on the sector. Website in Spanish. Calle 64 Nº 27A-13. Chapinero.
National Industries Association ANDI
Non for profit organization providing information, consulting services, seminars and representation for affiliates in front of the government at the local, regional, national and international level. Calle 73 Nº. 8-13. Tower A Floor 7. Zona Norte.
Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies
Represents the interests of travel agencies and tourism in Colombia. Website in Spanish. Offices at Carrera 19B Nº. 83-63. Floor 8. Zona Norte.
Colombian Export Promotion Bureau
Provide access to English information about internationalization processes, travelling and investing in Colombia. At Calle 28 Nº. 13A-15. Floor 35-36. Zona Centro
Colombian Association of Air Transport ATAC
Association of airlines and air transporters, producing market reports, data and analysis. Website in Spanish. Carrera 11A Nº. 94A-31. Office 306. Zona Norte.
Colombia India Chamber of commerce and industry
Private non for profit organization aiming to promote commerce, trade and investment between India and Colombia. Providing support to the business sectors, databases, introductions and events. Carrera13 Nº. 75-20. Office 602. Zona Norte.
Financial Entities Association ANIF
The association aims to defend private economy and good economic policy. It provides sector reports and analysis. Website in Spanish. Calle 70 Nº. 7-86. Zona Norte
UK Trade Colombia
Business-led organisation promoting business between the UK and Northern Ireland and Colombia with operations across the country. UK Colombia Trade is a member of the approved UKTI/BCC. Carrera 9 N°. 76-49. Floor 9. Zona Norte.
Colombian-British Chamber of Commerce
Providing official translation, business opportunities, Business networking, market studies, virtual offices and information about business between the two countries. Calle 104 Nº. 14 A-45. Office 301. Zona Norte.
Camara de Comercio Colombo Canadiense
Colombian Canadian chamber of commerce assisting affiliates with market research, introductions, special events and organizing fairs and trade events. Calle 99 Nº. 9A – 45. Office 403A. Zona Norte.
Colombia Stock Exchange
Local trading market website with the stock information, data, interviews and insights in English. Carrera 7 Nº. 71-21. Tower B Floor 12. Zona Norte.
Colombian Coffee Growers Federation
Non for profit organization representing and insuring Colombian coffee growers. Their website provides all the information and resources on Colombian coffee.