Campsites & Caravan Parks

Tabio Park
Located 45 km from Bogota and two hours ride to Chia. Camping, book loans, hire table tennis, hot springs and short walks. Open every day 09:00 -17:00. Carrera 3 NÂș. 5-36 Tabio, Cundinamarca.
Chicaque Natural Park
A misty forest for hiking, horseback riding, camping, restaurant, recreation, hiking, located just 30 minutes from Bogota, municipality of San Antonio,Tequendama. Open every day. 08:00-16:00.
Embalse del Neusa
Natural reserve 65 Km from Bogota surrounded by woods; Activities like fishing, rowing, motor boating, nature walks, horseback riding and mountain biking available. Open every day 09:00-16:00. By phone, dial extension number 1184, 1168, 1044.
Chingaza Natural Park
Nacional Park 35 miles from Bogota, on the road to La Calera. 53 thousand hectares of lakes, forests and wetlands. Open every day 9:00-16:00. By phone, dial extension number 138 or 139.
Located in a forest reserve has three viewpoints of Sopo availability for nature walks, camping and adventure sports like paragliding and delta. Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00-18:00.
Iguaque Natural Park
National Park located half an hour from Villa de Leyva and three hours from Bogota. Famous for the lake at the top of the mountain. The entrance to the lagoon is daily 08:00 - 10:00.
Suesca Park
Located 59 km north of Bogota and an hour and a half by car, Suesca allows for camping in a park and rock climbing, hiking, spalunking, horses and extreme sports. Open every day 08:00-17:00.