Colombia Web Portals

Invest in Colombia
Web portal designed by Proexport to inform and create an incentive for foreign investment in the country. Calle 28 Nº.13A - 15. Floor 35-36. Zona Centro.
Colombia Travel
Official website of Proexport, Bureau for tourist promotion in Bogota. Calle 28 Nº. 13A-15. Floor 35-36. Zona Centro.
Official Proexport web portal, designed to assist in Colombian tourism, investing and exports. Office hours Monday to Friday: 08:30- 17:30. Calle 28 Nº. 13A-15. Floor 35-36. Zona Centro.
Foreign Affairs Ministry
Official portal of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing information on residency, permits and other types of visas. 24 hour phone assistance. Office hours Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:00. Calle 10 Nº. 5-51. Zona Centro.
The Colombian Travel Guide
From the creators of the Colombia Travel Blog, this travel guide explores interesting destinations and gives essential information for travellers in the region.
Colombia Facil
Colombia travel guide, tour guide, travel stories and tips and tricks about destinations all over Colombia.
E-regulations Colombia
Web portal approved by the Colombian ministry of Commerce and Industry. Provides information about creating and operating a business in Colombia.
See Colombia Travel
Offering information, guides and tours on exploring and travelling in and around Colombia in English.