Counselling & Therapists

My Inimini
Company offering services for families with children. Child psychologist, nannies, stimulation and tutoring.
Dr. Jeannette Samper
Doctor specialized in counselling and psychotherapy, seeing patients in Spanish and English. Offices at Calle 90 N°. 12 – 44. Office 406. Zona Norte.
Dr. Monica Pieschacon PHD.
Clinical psychologyst with office hours Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:00. Carrera 13 N°. 93-85. Office 305. Zona Norte.
Dr. Leonidas Castro
Doctor with specialization in therapy and counselling. Seeing patients at Carrera 13 N°. 93-85 . Office 304. Zona Norte.
Dr. Elizabeth Angel
Psychologist with over 30 years experience, trained in Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Neurofeedback. Carrera 13A N°. 98-21. Office 601. Zona Norte.
BetterHelp - Online counselling for expats
BetterHelp is a convenient, affordable, private online counseling platform. We match you with the mental health professional best suited to your needs in a safe and private online environment.