Smile Dental Spa
Teeth whitening services, alignment, periodontics, implants, cosmetic dentistry, and help with other dental issues. Calle 127 Nº.19A-28 Office 415. Zona Norte. and Carrera 13A Nº.28-38. Office 236. Zona Centro.
Dental Network
Offering orthodontics, dentistry, whitening, smile design, emergencies, implants, surgery, prevention and special needs services. Calle 103 Nº. 14A -10. Zona Norte.
Jairo Quintana
Offering services of smile design, dental aesthetics, Da Vinci technique, oral implantatology and oral rehabilitation. Carrera 15 Nº. 124-67. Office 703. Zona Norte.
Dental clinic. Dental whitening, implants, design and 24 hour emergencies. Avenida Caracas Nº. 44-54. Floor 3. Chapinero.
Dr. Pedro Diaz
Offering implants, crowns, prosthetics, aesthetics, smile design and cosmetic dentistry. Calle 116 Nº. 14B-34. Office 101. Zona Norte.