Domestic Services & Cleaners

Universal de Limpieza
Services of cleaning and cafeteria, window cleaning, building exteriors, floor cleaning, carpet and curtain washing, fumigation and plague control. Carrera 24 Nº. 61F-35. Chapinero.
Aseos La Perfeccion
Cleaning personnel for home and offices, washing, painting and cleaning of exteriors, window and carpet cleaners, maintenance of floors. Calle 4BIS Nº. 53C-50. Zona Centro.
Clean Spaces
Cleaning services for individuals, residential areas and industrial clients. Septic tank installation, cleaning and maintenance. House keeping and exteriors cleaning services. Calle 59 Nº. 47-46. Chapinero.
Cleaning services, for offices, buildings, exteriors and maintenance. 24 hour services for emergency cleaning situations. Cafeteria services. Avenida El Dorado Nº. 100 Bis-70. Zona Occidente.
Casa Express
Offering services in domestic and commercial cleaning. Cleaning personnel screening, selecting and training. Services by the hour, day or live in. Personnel for garden keeping and fumigation. Calle 167 Nº. 58B-20. Interior 3. Zona Norte.
Clean and Iron
Offering employees for basic cleaning services, in depth bathroom and kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, home maintenance, plumbing and electricity. Carrera 64 Nº. 94A-56. Zona Occidente.
Clean and Service General
Qualified personnel with broad experience in cleaning and gardening for homes, buildings and offices. Calle 77 N° 13-47 Office 604. Zona Norte.
Carpet, rug and furniture cleaning including stain removal, disinfection, washing and rapid drying. Fluent in English, French and Spanish. 
Nic Limpiezas
Cleaning services for rugs and carpets, furniture, floors and disinfection. Cleaning with respect to the environment. Diagonal 5A Nº. 74-09. Zona Occidente.
Services for cash-less booking of cleaning people by the hour, fully guaranteed in terms of service and safety. Carrera 79A Nº 40C-37. Zona Occidente
Soluciones Colombia
Various services in the plumbing, building, electricity, paint, cleaning and handy man services. 24 hour service and problem solutions.
Moving services, courier services, storage rooms, cleaning and pest control services.
Nanitas y Domesticas
Company offering its services in recruiting, interviewing, training and recommending nannies and house keepers for households in Bogota. Calle 106 Nº. 54-73. Office 401. Zona Occidente.