Driving Schools, Instructors & Lessons

Aliadas del Norte
Academy with two offices in the city north. Driving courses for cars, motorcycles and trucks.Certified curses for the RUNT system. Open daily from 08:00 -17:00. Calle 166 Nº 8 B-44. Zona Norte.
Driving school providing driving courses for cars, motorcycles and trucks. Open Monday to Friday: 07:00 -22:00 pm. Calle 137 Nº.45-33. Floor 2. Zona Norte.
Arodar CEA
Driving academy with door to door service and flexible schedules. Modern cars and different licence categories available.
Fitipaldi Escuela de Conduccion
Driving school certified for giving theoretical and practical driving lessons and uploading certificates to RUNT.Carrera 15 Nº. 73-66. Zona Norte.
Auto American Club de Colombia
Automotive Training Centre trains and evaluates drivers to drive cars, trucks and motorcycles in order to get a national drivers licence certification. Open all week. Autopista Norte Nº 181-10. Zona Norte.
Conducir Salitre
Academy with 12 years of experience specializing in nervous and under age people. Courses for cars and motorcycles. Located in the neighbourhood Salitre. Open daily from 07:00-21:00. Calle 24 Nº.74B-24. Zona Occidente.
Automovil Club de Colombia
Non for profit organization offering various services to drivers including driving lessons, international licences and certifications and road assistance. Calle 102A Nº. 49A-24. Zona Occidente.
Driving lessons for license categories 2-5 for trucks, cars, Jeeps, motorcycles and mechanics course certificates. Handling the paperwork for licenses and general maintenance. Open every day 08:00-17:00. Calle 129 Nº54-62. Zona Occidente.
Auto Conducar
Driving classes for trucks, vans, motorcycles and cars. Located north of the city with many years of experience. Open Monday to Saturday 07:00-17:30. Avenida Calle 80 Nº 70F-49. Zona Occidente.
Conducir Villas
Driving courses for cars and motorbikes. Procedures for driving licenses nationwide, car transfers, juvenile age classes and licenses Avenida Suba Nº 122-20. Zona Occidente.
Automotive Training Center located north of the city and providing training and assessment for drivers to drive cars, trucks and motorcycles. Open all week. 08:30-21:00. Calle 174 Nº 51-03. Zona Norte.