Event Planners & Event Management

Advertising firm offering event planning services, communication, printing and branding services at Carrera 17 Nº. 93-82. Office 305. Zona Norte.
Event and experimental tourism design. From 8:00 to 18:00 hours at Calle 92 Nº. 19B-50. Office 402. Zona Norte.
Group of companies throughout the continent specializing in 360 logistics. Audiovisual equipment, software development and translation services.
DMC events
Design and organizing of reunions, meetings, corporate events, incentive trips, product launch, exhibitions, weddings parties and other ceremonies. Offices Calle 49 Nº. 6-39. Office 401. Chapinero.
Heat Marketing Emocional
Event planning and advertising services using the emotional marketing approach. Offices at Calle 109 Nº. 6-90. Zona Norte.
Contactica Comunicaciones
Administrative, strategic and logistic support for events. Experience in academic events tending to scientific societies, research institutions, universities and pharmaceutical labs. Offices at Calle 94Nº. 15-32. Office 609. Zona Norte.
Eventos y Sistemas
Calling, crediting, control and register of participants in fairs, events and seminars. Technology equipments. Avenida Eldorado Nº. 68C-61. Central Tower. Office 431-1. Zona Occidente.
Event organizing through software and technology management. Carrera 9A N°.60-91. Interior 2. Office 501. Chapinero.
Rubio Conceptos activos
Planning, conceptualizing and organizing of forums, conferences and special events. Meeting architecture. Calle 107A Nº. 7-70. Interior 1. Zona Norte.
Comunicaciones Efectivas
Organization with over 30 years of experience offering event planning, managing and administration. At Calle 26A Nº.13A-10. Zona centro.
Destination Management Colombia
Management services for the main destinations in Colombia. Specializing in conferences, incentives and meeting programs. At Carrera 4 Nº. 30-17. Office 401. Chapinero.
Sphera Impacta
Event agency offering product launch, meetings, fashion events, corporate meetings and institutional events. Calle 90 Nº. 12-45. Floor 5. Zona Norte.
BEE Group
BTL communication services, including digital, events, promotion and design at Calle 97 Nº. 10-48. Office 302. Zona Norte.
Third largest company in the world organizing public entertainment events such as concerts, shows and sports events. Colombian offices at Calle 63 Nº. 60-80. Zona Occidente.
Bureau de Convenciones de Bogota
Bogota convention bureau, services for planning, running and managing events in the city, as well as providing information of providers, venues and the city itself. Carrera 15 Nº. 93A-84. Office 309. Zona Norte.
World Tours
Tourist agent organizing vacation experiences, events and corporate incentives. With over 20 years of experience in the Colombian market. Carrera 13A Nº. 96-18. Zona Norte.