Expat Clubs & Associations

Showcase Star
Founded in 1947 the organization is meat to provide opportunities for American women, as well as women from other nationalities, to meet and share their experiences in a new country.
Colombian American Chamber of commerce
Offering its affiliates and investment centre with business counselling and investment opportunities. Networking events. Calle 98 Nº. 22-64. Office 1209.
Club Colombo Libanes
Founded over 50 years ago, by and for Lebanese families to keep in with traditions and culture. Calle 87 Nº. 9-26. Zona Norte.
Dame tu Lengua
Cultural and language exchanges, tandems, alternative art, games and latino party. A different approach to learning Spanish and other languages directly within a community. Gatherings twice a month at A Seis Manos Calle 22 Nº8-60. Zona Centro.
Gringo Tuesdays
International party and cultural exchange events. Founded by three expats to create a space for locals and foreigners to meet and enjoy the city.
Centro Cultural Colombo Chino
Founded in the year 2007 the non for profit organization looks to showcase the Chinese culture, language and medicine in Colombia. Acupuncture, homoeopathy, sanhoy therapy. Calle 71 Nº. 11-52. Zona Norte.
The Bogota Sports Club
British community in Bogota playing football, cricket and rugby. Courts and teachers. Kilometro 4 Via Suba Cota
Colombian-British Chamber of Commerce
Providing official translation, business opportunities, Business networking, market studies, virtual offices and information about business between the two countries. Calle 104 Nº. 14 A-45. Office 301. Zona Norte.
The American society of Bogota
Non for profit organization uniting American and Colombian people through social and cultural activities. Carrera 86 Nº. 55A-75. Zona Occidente.
Toastmasters International
Educational, non for profit organization to teach the skills of public speaking and leadership. Meeting at on Tuesday 20:00- 21:00 at Transversal 23 N° 97-73. First Floor. Zeus Room. Zona Norte.
Council of American Companies CEA
Assist and represent American capital companies in Colombia. Linked with the Council of Americas in New York. Offices at Calle 99 Nº. 7A-77. Zona Norte