Fertility Clinics & IVF Treatments

Specialized lab and testing centre offering services in fertility and genetic testing. Carrera 19C Nº. 90-14. Floor 2. Zona Norte.
Latin American fertility centre. Offering specialized consults in fertility and reproduction, diagnostics, genetic tests and fertility treatments. Avenida 122 No. 7A - 53. Zona Norte.
Fertility centre offering consults, treatments and fertility specialists. Latest technologies in reproduction. Avenida 9 Nº. 116-20. Floor 4. Zona Norte.
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Offering treatment financing, travelling arrangements, fertility consultation, sperm count, sperm bank, embryo bank. Calle 124 Nº. 7–38. Floor 7. Zona Norte.
Colombian centre of fertility and sterility. Offering treatments in assisted reproduction, egg banking, sperm cryo banking and psychological support. Calle 102 Nº. 14A-15. Zona Norte.