Fishing & Angling

Hobbies and Collectibles
Hobby store selling board games, casino games, diving and fishing products. Open Monday to Saturday: 11:00-20:00. Sunday and Holidays: 12:00-20:00. Store in Hacienda Santa Barbara shopping centre store D328. Zona Norte.
Angler Group
Store for fishing accessories and gear from national and imported brands, representatives of himano, Penn, Costa del Mar, Rapala Buff.
Travel agency offering trips and tours, sightseeing, fishing and other activities in the country. Carrera 11B NÂș. 98-08. Zona Norte.
Embalse del Neusa
Natural reserve 65 Km from Bogota surrounded by woods; Activities like fishing, rowing, motor boating, nature walks, horseback riding and mountain biking available. Open every day 09:00-16:00. By phone, dial extension number 1184, 1168, 1044.
Natural farm and reserve, sports and activities such as mini golf, fishing, restaurant and hiking. Kilometro 12 Via La Calera. Zona Norte .