Flooring, Tiling & Carpet Fitters

Colombian company providing healthy alternatives to heating with high end technology. Interior and exterior heaters, towel racks, and selling and installing of heated flooring. Carrera 88 Nº. 30-61. Zona Norte.
Comercializadora de Maderas Bogota
Firm selling wooden floors, roofs, stairs and wood structures offering installation, maintenance and general carpentry services. Calle 68 Nº. 65-18. Zona Occidente.
Offering chimneys, heating systems, automated temperature, laminated flooring and deck flooring for exteriors. Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:30. Saturday: 08:00-15:00. Calle 134A Nº. 19-75. Zona Norte.
Offering single layer solid wood flooring, multilayer engineered wood flooring, and high range laminated wood flooring. Carrera 13 Nº. 93B-32. Zona Norte.
Offering rugs, carets, floors and faux grass flooring since 1972. Transversal 32C Nº. 22B-64. Zona Centro.
Design and fabrication of rugs and carpets to the desire of clients. Carrera 63 Nº. 17-07. Zona Centro.
Tiling, bathrooms, kitchens and exteriors supplies and installations. Several selling points in all areas of the city.
Lugar Deco
Offering curtains, carpets, shutters, blinds, rugs and carpets. Installation, cleaning and maintenance services. Carrera 103 Nº. 133A-45. Zona Occidente.