Foreign Exchange & Currency Transfer

Acciones y Valores
Private capital fund, e-trading, investment banking, foreign exchange and currency transfer services. Calle 72 NÂș. 7-46. Floor 11. Zona Norte.
Zurich Values
Money exchange services. Monday to Friday: 08:30-18:00. Saturday: 08:30-16:00. Calle 122 Nº. 15-09. Office 212. Zona Norte.
Buying and selling Dollar, Euro, Pound, Real, Sol and Yens. Calle 19 Nº. 5-93. Office 250. Zona Centro.
Titan Intercontinental
Money transfer and currency exchange services. Offices in Zona Norte, Centro, Chapinero and Occidente. Monday to Friday: 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00. Saturday: 09:00-13:00. Zona Norte. Carrera 15 Nº. 93-60. Office 140. Zona Norte.
Giros y Finanzas
Buying and selling currency, collections and international money transfers. Several offices in the country. Monday to Friday: 07:00-21:00. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 08:00-20:00.
Cambios Vancouver
Buying and selling international currencies, Dollar, Euro, Pound. Carrera 68B Nº. 24-39. Zona Occidente.
Exchange services, travellers cheques and consulting. Monday to Saturday: 09:00-19:00. Sunday and Holidays: 10:00-16:00. Carrera 15 Nº. 93-60. Zona Norte.
10 years of experience in the field of buying and selling cash in foreign currency. Carrera 12 Nº. 93-78. Office 302. Zona Norte.
Euro 15
Currency exchange, 24 hour services at Carrera 15 Nº. 119-59. Zona Norte.
Currency UK
An account with means more than getting a great exchange rate. It means avoiding the extortionate fees the banks love to charge and bespoke advice from your account manager. It also means an FCA regulated company handling your currency requirements.
Western Union
Money transfer services at international level. Points of service throughout the city.
Currency exchange services. Private cabins to insure safety in the transaction. Calle 122 Nº. 15-09. Office 104-106. Zona Norte.
Firm offering services of collection, payment and transfers in the national level. Over 5000 service points in the country. Customer support office Calle 96 Nº. 12-55. Zona Norte.
El Condor Cambios
Exchange services available Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:30. Saturday: 09:30-13:00. Calle 98 Nº. 17-34. Office 217. Zona Norte.
Money sending and transferring on-line and in person, same day service or economy service taking three days. Several points around the city.
24 hour currency exchange services at the International Terminal. Calle 26 Nº. 103-09. Aeropuerto El Dorado. Zona Occidente.
Cambios Boston
Buying and selling international currencies, Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound. Carrera 7 Nº. 26-62. Office 502. Zona Centro.
La Universal
Currency exchange services. Calle 19 Nº. 4-83. Office 105. Zona Centro.
Mr. Magoo Cambios
Company with experience in the field of currency exchange. Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euro, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Canadian Dollars. Calle 122 Nº. 15-09. Offices 102-10 and 109-110. Zona Norte.
Cambios New York Money
Foreign currency exchange services with offices in mayor Shopping Centres in the City. Andino, Atlantis Plaza, Santafe, Avenida Chile, Unicentro. Zona Norte.