Funeral Homes & Undertakers

La candelaria
Funeral home offering funeral cars, grieving counselling and rooms for services. 24 hour phone service. Calle 98 Nº. 18A-03. Zona Norte.
Funeraria Gaviria
Funerary services including funeral arrangements, undertaking, grief counselling and support, catering, newspaper announcements and religious services. 24 hour help line. Calle 98 Nº. 17A-20. Zona Norte.
Also known as Cristo Rey, Siempre provides funerary services in Bogota and on national scale. Avenida Caracas Nº. 69-41. Chapinero.
Over 40 years of experience, offering national coverage with 9 funeral home and 11 cemeteries. Family and company plans available. Carrera 11A Nº 98-50. Zona Norte.
La Fe
Offering funerary services, undertaking, cremation and corporate plans. 24 hour service by phone. Offices at Carrera 11 Nº. 69-37.Zona Norte.
Jardines de Paz
Offering ash vaults, lots, cremation services, and mausoleums. Offices at Calle 90 Nº. 19A-46. Zona Norte.
El paraiso
Cemetery park offering burial plots, ash vaults, chapel and funerary services available. Kilometro 1.5 Via Autopista Medellin. Cota.
Los Olivos
Cemetery services, grief counselling, death insurance, announcements. Chapinero.
Prevision Exequial Colombia
Company with experience working with Colombian and USA procedures. Repatriation of bodies and ashes. Legal assistance in international funerary services. Calle 72A Nº. 20-70. Zona Norte.