Golf Clubs & Courses

San Andres Golf Club
Exclusive Scottish club with under 300 members, golf court par 72. Childrens golf. 76 Stables. Tennis, and pool as well as a clubhouse. Kilometro 2 Via La Punta. Funza. Cundinamarca .
UMB Golf Club
Country club for golf, tennis, swimming, restaurant and spa. Kilometro 2 Via Zipaquira. Tocancipa
Club La Sabana
Social and sports club partnered with the national golf federation. Located at Kilometro 6 Via Briceno. Zipaquira. Cundinamarca.
Club El Rancho
Country club with tennis courts, Golf court, swimming, bowling lanes, gym, horses and social events. Calle 194 Nº. 45-20. Zona Norte.
Carmel Club
Social club in the north of the city. Social events, parties, halls for rent and golf court and tournaments. Open daily from 06:00-21:00. Autopista Norte Nº. 153-81. Zona Norte.
Universo del Golf
Selling golf accessories and equipment, fitting services, golf court services and rental and sales of mini golf courts. Classes available. 07:00-22:00. Carrera 21 Nº. 161–27. Zona Norte.
Club Pueblo Viejo
Country club with pools, tennis and golf courts, stables, restaurants and club house. Kilometro 7 Via Suba Cota. Cundinamarca.
Club Hato Grande
Offering sports, activities, restaurants, cafeterias, golf course, club house, and events. Autopista Norte. Cajica. Cundinamarca.