Gyms & Fitness Classes

Fight Club Bogota
Gym focused on boxing, jiu jitsu, kenpo karate, kick boxing and MMA. Monday to Friday: 06:00-21:00. Saturday: 10:00-15:00. Sunday: 10:00-12:00. Calle 44 Nº 7-10. Chapinero.
Sensations Tim
Training facility offering personalized services, power plate machines and new exercise techniques. Monday to Thursday: 06: 00-22:00. Friday: 06:00-21:00. Saturday: 08:00-18:00. Sunday: 08:00-13:00. Calle 122 Nº. 18-30. Zona Norte.
Bodytech Gym
Chain of gyms and sports centres with the largest number of locations around the city. Offering medical consulting in weight loss and nutrition and spa services.
Personal Gym
Medical centre offering sports medicine, physiotherapists, aerobics, rehabilitation, sports injuries and exercise routines. Calle 106A Nº. 19-28. Zona Norte.
Sports Gym
Gym offering machines, classes and personal training at Calle 90 Nº. 8-60. Zona Norte.
Spinning Center
Gyms focused on spinning but offering swimming pools, weight lifting machines, cardio zone, crossfit, TRX and personalized training. Several Locations around the city.
Hard Body Gym
Gym chain with five locations in the city offering machine workouts and classes. Medical professionals available at all locations.
Power Machine
Gym offering pilates, muscle training, cardio training, martial arts, classes and machines. Carrera 4 Nº. 79A-52. Zona Occidente.