Health & Medical Insurance

Multinational company offering healthcare to its affiliates in Spain and Latin America. Emergency and scheduled medicine services. Hospitals and facilities in all city areas.
Nueva EPS
Offering EPS health system according to legal requirements for residents of Colombia.
EPS offering health attention and services, with coverage in and out of the country.
Offering EPS and pre paid medicine services, medical emergency services and hospital at home.
Health insurance system offering pre paid medicine services with a list of hospitals and professionals to tend to their affiliates.
EPS services to its affiliates, covering country wide emergencies and medical needs.
EPS offering health services in line with pensions and other insurances. City wide phone line and several offices around the city.
State owned EPS. Central offices open Monday to Friday: 08:00-16:45. Carrera 69 NÂș. 47-34. Zona Occidente.
EPS health insurance system offering medical services in all areas to its affiliates.
Cruz Blanca
EPS and pre paid medicine services for individuals and families.
Salud Total
EPS and Pre paid medicine services, large coverage, doctors appointments and emergencies.