Home Security, Alarms & Locksmiths

Ferreteria Mamut
Hardware store selling construction supplies, DIY and building products and gear. Autopista Norte Nº.168-27. Zona Norte. 24 hour locksmith services.
Bullet proof doors and security locks with over 30 years of experience in the Colombian market. Offices at Portobello Design centre in Parque 93. Zona Norte.
Grupo Atlas Seguridad Integral
Offering services of risk assesment and management, research, technological security, physical protection and bodyguards, and movement of valuables. Calle 20B Nº. 44-52. Interior 3. Zona Centro.
Bullet proof doors, security doors, safety boxes. 24 hour services, 7 days a week. Main office Carrera 16A Nº. 76-16. Zona Norte.
Home security and surveillance services, canine security, body guards for industrial, commercial or home purposes. Carrera 46 Nº. 91-10B. Zona Norte.
Home security company, monitoring, alarms, security cameras, movement sensors and electronic security. Carrera 7 Nº. 32-29. Floor 32. Chapinero.
Surveillance, bodyguards, consulting, risk management, security studies and polygraphs. Calle 20A Nº. 44-80. Zona Centro.
Integra Security Systems
Alarm tracking, home security, satellite tracking for pets, vehicles or valuable objects. Avenida ciudad de Quito Nº. 70A-77. Zona Occidente.
Bogota Mul T Servicios
Locksmith services with 24 hour support in the areas of Chico, Rosales, Chapinero, Cedritos, Colina, Salitre. Carrera 82 Nº. 77-45. Zona Occidente.
Reparaciones y Construcciones
Company offering plumbing, electrician, locksmith and other repair services 24 hours every day. Available in all areas of the city.
Puertas de Seguridad
Company offering security doors, sales and technical service on door locks, pad locks, safety boxes and key copies. Autopista Norte Nº. 81-24. Zona Norte.
Outside the Box
Company offering virtual offices, serviced office space rentals. Security services for businesses, surveillance equipment and electronic safety. Avenida Eldorado Nº. 69-63. Office 211. Zona Occcidente.
Seguridad Imperio
Private security firms offering alarms, CCTV, professional bodyguards, and mobile security. Carrera 27C Nº. 71B-45. Zona Norte.
City Security
Locksmith services 24 hour door and car unlocking, key copying and alarm deactivation for cars. Calle 66 Nº. 76-75. Zona Occidente.
Morada Segura
First company in Colombia that provides Childproofing services and car seat installations. Member of the International Association for Child Safety and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Calle 159 No. 16c-39. Zona Norte.