Hospitals & Health Centres

Clinica La Sabana
Offering priority consult, surgery, x rays, physical therapy and plastic surgery services. Avenida 19 Nº. 102-53. Zona Norte.
Fundacion Centro Medico Santafe
Offering medical specialists services, tele health through doctor chat and second opinions, diagnosis, executive check-ups and education programs. Carrera 7 Nº. 117-15. Zona Norte.
Clinica Monserrat
Hospital focusing its services in nervous system and psychiatric alterations. Offering consult, hospitalization, laboratory and counselling. Calle 134 Nº. 17-71. Zona Norte.
Clinica Palermo
Offering hospitalization, surgery, diagnosis, emergencies, maternity ward and ICU. Calle 45C Nº 22-02. Chapinero.
Clinica Shaio
Hospital offering health services with specific plans for foreigners. Part of the Export of Health Services program and with agreements with international insurances, health ministries, public an private entities. Diagonal 115A Nº. 70C-75. Zona Occ
Clinica Barraquer
Hospital focused on pharmacological services, eye doctors, laser surgery (LASIK), emergency consults and scheduled consults. Calle 100 Nº. 18A-51. Zona Norte.
Clinica Reina Sofia
Health centre offering diagnostics, therapies, surgery, hospitalizations and fertility services. Special services for foreigners. Carrera 21 Nº. 127-03. Zona Norte.
Clinica El Bosque
General hospital owned by El Bosque University, offering medical services, emergency services and education programs. Calle 134 Nº. 7B-41. Zona Norte.
Clinica Colombia
Hospital offering hospitalization, surgery, consultation, maternity and pre natal consultations and emergencies at Calle 23 Nº. 66-46. Zona Occidente.
Clinica CAFAM
Hospital specialized in paediatric services, pre natal and childrens care. Carrera 16 Nº. 51-36. Chapinero.
Clinica VIP
Hospital offering medical services to the clients of Medplus. Surgery, Xrays and orthopaedics, emergency services and ICU. Calle 97 Nº. 23-10. Zona Norte.
Clinica del Country
Hospital founded in 1962 offering a range of emergency care and scheduled services. Carrera 16 Nº. 82-57. Zona Norte.
Fundacion Cardioinfantil
Hospital specialized in heart care and childrens care. Blood bank, laboratory, radiology, specialists, vaccination, ICU, transplant and emergency room. Calle 163A Nº. 13B-60. Zona Norte.
Clinica de Marly
Hospital formed by several buildings offering consultation offices, specialists offices, MRI CAT and Cancer centre. Emergency room services. Calle 50 Nº. 9-67. Chapinero.
Hospital San Ignacio
University hospital of La Javeriana, offering emergency services, hospitalizations, research, therapeutic support and laboratory. Carrera 7 Nº. 40-62. Chapinero