Insect, Pest & Rot Treatment

Urban pest control company focused in environmentally responsible actions. Fumigation against insects, rodent control, disinfection services, wood immunization, cat capture, weed control.
Fumigaciones TKC
Offering disinfection, insect control, rodent control, water tank cleaning, plague access block. Calle 71 Nº. 68F-92. Zona Occidente.
Full plague and pest controll services, insect management, gel for ants and cockroaches, rodent control, disinfection, water sampling and analysing. Calle 48 Sur Nº. 27- 82. Zona Sur.
Casa Express
Offering services in domestic and commercial cleaning. Cleaning personnel screening, selecting and training. Services by the hour, day or live in. Personnel for garden keeping and fumigation. Calle 167 Nº. 58B-20. Interior 3. Zona Norte.
Universal de Limpieza
Services of cleaning and cafeteria, window cleaning, building exteriors, floor cleaning, carpet and curtain washing, fumigation and plague control. Carrera 24 Nº. 61F-35. Chapinero.
Offering services in pest control, disinfection, fumigation, wood treatment and plague handling. Green service focusing on minimizing the impact and emissions of contaminating products. Calle 134D Nº. 45-30. Zona Norte.
Fumigaciones Bogota
Offering fumigation, disinfections, control for rats and mice, support and technical consulting. Diagonal 61B Nº. 28A-38. Chapinero.