IT, Security & Network Installations

Services of informatics security, VPN secure access, UTM firewall, protection, backup and data retreival. Carrera 12 Nº. 84-12. Floor 4. Zona Norte.
B Secure
Monitoring and alerts, security management, source authentication, safe email, antimalware. Carrera 12 Nº. 71-32. Office 401. Zona Norte.
Offering information security services, training, consulting and technology solutions. Calle 100 Nº. 13-21. Office 301. Zona Norte.
Globaltek Security
Company offering security and IT services, conferences and consulting. Offices at Calle 100 Nº. 8A-37. Tower A. Office 804. Zona Norte.
The Eagle Labs
Ethical Hacking, Technologies of information and analysed communications, verification of compliance and service vulnerability analysis. Calle 100 Nº. 8A-55. Tower C. Floor 10. Office 1005. Zona Norte.
Offering brand protection, IT strategic planning, It consulting, implementation, testing and outsourcing for security operations. Carrera 18 Nº. 86A-14. Office 308. Zona Norte.
Level 3
Data Internet services, rural access solutions, virtual private network, managed security services, security consulting. Cloud and IT. Autopista Norte Nº. 122-35. Zona Norte.
Softland Colombia
Multinational company with over 30 years of experience providing software solutions in Colombia and Latin America. Services for small and large companies. Carrera 18A Nº. 137-57. Floor 4. Zona Norte.
Only technological forensics firm in the country providing legal and forensic services, cyber crime and evidence, ethical hacking and investigations. Carrera 14 Nº. 99-35. Office 606. Zona Norte.
Colombian company providing technology solutions in electronic security, telecommunications, data centre, tele-presence, information security, tracking logistics and maritime applications. Carrera 50 Nº. 106-69. Zona Occidente.
Olimpia IT
Ethical Hacking, vulnerability scanning, protection of network infrastructure, security system for identity verification, code review. Carrera 7 Nº. 24-89. Floor 41. Zona Centro.
Eventos y Sistemas
Calling, crediting, control and register of participants in fairs, events and seminars. Technology equipments. Avenida Eldorado Nº. 68C-61. Central Tower. Office 431-1. Zona Occidente.
IT services and consulting performed by multinational computing company, training, security and outsourcing services available. Carrera 53 Nº. 100-25. Zona Occidente.
Gamma Ingenieros
Offering their services in the fields of civil engineering, telecommunications and IT engineering as their three strategic business units. Calle 166 Nº. 20-45. Zona Norte.
Solutions for security in transactions, identity protection for companies. The team is dedicated to identifying and responding to software or hardware identity threat. Carrera 64 Nº. 96-17. Zona Occidente.
International company operating in South and North America. Offering courses, consulting, administered security and technology solutions at Calle 93A Nº. 11-36. Floor 4. Zona Norte.
Professional services including engineers trained in Vmware, NetApp, Riverbed and Symantec. Calle 127 Nº. 13A-54. Zona Norte.
Security, communications integration, software, mobility, network infrastructure, collaboration and cloud solutions. Carrera 7 Nº. 71-52. Tower A. Floor 2. Zona Norte.
Tata Consulting Services
IT consulting and solutions, maintenance services and systems development. Calle 100 Nº. 9A-45. Tower 2. Floor 7. Zona Norte.
Professional IT Services, cloud computing, outsourcing, software and virtual services. Available on their phone line Monday to Friday: 07:15-17:45. Carrera 13 Nº. 79-50. Zona Norte.