Joiners, Carpenters & Carpentry

Offering design, production and commercialization of furniture and accessories for decoration projects. Floors, drapes, wall papers, lighting. Office availability by appointment only. Calle 127D Nº. 71-89. Zona Occidente.
Company offering carpentry for construction and remodelling projects, designing, fabricating and installing furniture, doors, closets and dressing rooms, kitchen cupboards and bathroom furniture. Calle 119 Nº. 11-43. Zona Norte.
Carpinteria Geometrica
Offering carpentry, stairs, restoration, libraries, doors, bathroom furniture, closets and kitchen cupboards. Calle 4 Nº. 71D-36. Zona Centro.
Carpinteros Bogota
Firm offering carpenter services, upholstering, furniture design and building, drywall, flooring, plumbing services, swimming pool construction and other repairs.
Comercializadora de Maderas Bogota
Firm selling wooden floors, roofs, stairs and wood structures offering installation, maintenance and general carpentry services. Calle 68 Nº. 65-18. Zona Occidente.
Firm offering carpentry products and services. Architectural carpentry furniture, closets, doors and windows. Structural carpentry, floors, rails, stairs, and covers. Installation and maintenance. Carrera 116 Nº. 14B-90. Zona Occidente.