Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

Services in corporate law, tax law, administrative law, industrial law, mediation and arbitration, and contracts. Calle 111 Nº. 7C-31. Zona Norte.
Prieto Carrizosa Abogados
Law office offering innovative legal services with lawyers specialized in 19 different areas. Offices at Carrera 9 Nº. 74-08. Office 305. Zona Norte.
David Kock & Wix
Legal firm from the Dutch Caribbean with offices in countries of the region. Offering services in commercial law, corporate and banking, intellectual property, insurance immigration, nationality and general litigation. Calle 113 Nº. 7-21. Zona Norte
Posse, Herrera & Ruiz Abogados
Attorneys at law in the areas of infrastructure, corporate law, financing, dispute resolution, natural resources and energy and real estate development projects. At Carrera 7 Nº. 71-52. Tower A. Floor 5. Zona Norte.
Munoz Tamayo & Asociados
Legal practice in the areas of corporate, financial, entertainment, sports, technology, media and communications , energy and natural resources law. Calle 72 Nº. 7-82. Floor 8. Zona Norte.
Brigard & Urrutia Abogados
Lawyers offering services in antitrust and competition law, corporate law, FOREX, tax, capital markets and others. English website. Offices at Calle 70A Nº. 4-41. Zona Norte.
Ayerbe Abogados
Legal services in the fields of corporate and commercial law, civil law and labour law. Carrera 7 Nº. 73-55. Office1102. Zona Norte.
Alvarez Bernate Asociados
Services regarding corporate law, intellectual property, foreign investment and corporate law. Offices at Carrera 14 Nº. 81-19. Office 507. Zona Norte.
Alberto Preciado & Asociados Abogados
Services in family law, commercial law, foreign investments, criminal law, damages, taxes and labour law. Speaking Spanish, English and French. Carrera 7 Nº. 71-21. Tower B. Office 1010. Zona Norte.
Baker and McKenzie
International firm with presence in Colombia for over 50 years. Experience with gas, telecommunications, privatization, dispute resolution and intellectual property law. At Avenida 82 Nº. 10-62. Floor 6. Zona Norte.
Sanclemente, Fernandez & Hernandez, Abogados, S.A.
With over 70 years of experience this firm provides counselling to the oil and gas, mining, financial, infrastructure, pharmaceutical and aviation industries. Carrera 9 Nº. 69-70. Zona Norte.
Jose Lloreda Camacho & Co
Legal services in the fields of civil, commercial, administrative, maritime, aeronautics litigation and intellectual property. At Calle 72 Nº. 5-83. Floor 5. Zona Norte.
Bernate & Gamboa Abogados
Law firm with over 80 years of experience offering services in Spanish, English, French and German. At Carrera 7 Nº. 26-20. Office 2301. Zona Centro.
Colombian Attorney
Attorneys providing legal services in the areas of corporate, commercial and civil law. Immigration services to Colombia and USA. Avenida Carrera 15 Nº. 106-32. Office 608. Zona Norte.
Colombia Legal Advisors
Legal services in the areas of labour, corporate, tax, customs and administrative law. Civil law and litigation, international tax planning, exchange and investment regime and intellectual property and trademark. Calle 172 Nº. 58-91. Zona Norte.
Figueroa Sierra & Asociados
Full service law firm offering assistance in business development in Colombia. Counselling in Colombian law in the areas of business establishment, administrative regime, taxes and litigation. Carrera 11B Nº. 96-03. Office 201. Zona Norte.
Cavelier Abogados
Law firm with business, intellectual property, ligation and international law divisions. Speaking Spanish, English and French. Carrera 4Nº. 72-35. Zona Norte
Godoy Cordoba Abogados Ltda
Attorney firm specializing in labor law counseling for firms. Members of the International Bar Association, The American Bar Association and the Association of Legal Administrators. Carrera 7 Nº. 71-21. Tower B. Office 303.
Pinilla Plazas y Asociados SAS
Counselling in English language in different areas of Colombian law required to set shop such as corporate and exchange law, immigration and taxation. Legal and commercial services, in Colombia and USA. Calle 95 Nº. 15-33. Office 404. Zona Norte.
Legal and financial consulting services. Pensions, life insurance and disability, study plans, travel, medical insurance and rent for entrepreneurs. Monday to Friday: 08:00-18:00 and Saturday: 08:00-12:00. Calle 94 Nº.11-66. Floor 1. Zona Norte.
Wiesner & Asociados, Ltda.
Firm practicing law in the areas of commercial,foreign investment, antitrust, customs, mergers and acquisitions, telecommunications, food and drug, litigation and civil law at Carrera 11 Nº. 90-16. Office 403-404. Zona Norte.
Rivera Pinilla & Gallon
Firm specializing in family law. Available Monday to Friday: 09:30-13:99 and 14:00-17:30. Offices Calle 67 Nº. 6-60. Office 1003. Chapinero.
Avendano & Lawyers
Canadian Law Firm in Bogota, Colombia. Specialized legal services including: Family law, Settlement of successions, Commercial law and Immigration Law. Spanish, English and French. Carrera 7 No. 71-21. Torre B. Floors 13-15. Zona Norte.
Payan Urdaneta & Co
Law firm with 70 years of experience in counseling businesses in business law. Part of the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce, the Colombian Institute of Tax Law and the International Bar association. Calle 59A BIS Nº. 4A-33. Chapinero.