Medical Laboratories & Test Centres

Diagnostic medical centre offering lab analysis, radiology and diagnostic images with offices around the city. Main offices at Calle 94 Nº. 15-45. Zona Norte.
Laboratory taking tests in several centres around the city, doing house calls and providing on line tests results. Calle 103 Nº. 14A-76. Zona Norte.
Specialized lab and testing centre offering services in fertility and genetic testing. Carrera 19C Nº. 90-14. Floor 2. Zona Norte.
Laboratorio Inmunoclinico
Clinical laboratory offering general testing, allergy and immunology tests, geriatric attention, special childrens attention and house calls. Calle 100 Nº. 9A-65. Office 202. Zona Norte.
Laboratorio de Investigacion Hormonal
Offering sample taking and general testing, endocrine tests, neonatal testing. Blood tests, exercise tests. 11 locations in the city Zona Norte, Zona Centro, Zona Occidente, Chapinero. Carrera 7B Nº. 123-40. Zona Norte.
Clinical laboratory, dentist and medical exams, house calls and business services. Two locations at Calle 63 Nº. 24-44. Office 206. Chapinero and Carrera 7 Nº. 27-42. Zona Centro.
Clinical laboratory offering diagnostic tests for people and animals. Calle 119 Nº. 49-26. Zona Norte.
Diagnostic specialists offering services in biochemistry, haematology, immunology, oncology, radiology, ultrasound, pathology, endoscopy, MRI. Two locations one on Calle 49, Chapinero and another in Colina Campestre, Zona Occidente.
Laboratorio de Genetica y Biologia Molecular
Laboratory offering genetics, immunologic tests, paternity studies and tests. Calle 134 Nº. 7B-83. Office 124. Zona Norte.
Offering diagnostic images, ultrasound, endoscopy, radiology, laboratory, clinical samples and testing. Several locations in Bogota, all city zones.
Offering occupational health services, general evaluations, laboratory tests, organizational weather testing. Carrera 49 Nº. 95-34. Zona Norte.
Laboratorio Clinico de Marly
Private clinic laboratory offering services of blood testing for chemistry results, tumour markers, infectious diseases. Calle 50 Nº. 9 - 67. Interior 101. Chapinero.
Laboratorio Clinico Gomez Vesga
Offering laboratory testing for blood samples, genetic testing, hormones and urine sample testing. 24 hour services for emergencies and house calls. Several locations in all city areas, nearby the main hospitals and medical centres.