News & Weather

The Latin American Post
News portal with up to date information about Latin America, in English.
Colombia Politics
On line news portal dedicated to politics and politic related news.
The Bogota Post
Newly launched, this bi weekly newspaper explores the topics and news that are relevant to the ex pat population in Bogota. Made by ex pats for ex pats.
Bogota Free Planet
English and Spanish on line news from Latin America, Colombia and Bogota, as well as other parts of the world. Posted on line daily.
El tiempo clima
Weather report for Bogota provided by Colombias largest newspaper El Tiempo. Calle 26 NÂș. 68B-70. Zona Occidente.
Prime Cuts radio
Also known as Jack Radio is an all English radio show transmitting for Medellin, discussing news and lifestyle.
Atlas News
News provider web portal based in Cali, with the latest Colombian news in English.
Colombia Reports
Colombia’s English language on line newspaper. Through their portal they update the expat population of the country on the news and relevant stories.
Gerard radio
On-line radio station with the latest Indy music by DJ Gerard in English.
Today Colombia
Web portal publishing Colombian news from Bogota, Medellin and Cali.
The Colombian Post
News portal reporting on Colombia’s news and events.
The City Paper
Free newspaper in English with monthly distribution. Can be found in restaurants and hotels in the city, libraries and book stores.