Office Supplies & Services

Company with a portfolio of paper products, office supplies, technology, furniture, art, decoration and toys. Online sales, phone sales and several stores throughout the city at Zona Norte, Chapinero, Zona Centro and Zona Occidente.
Office supplies, equipment, support and services. Copying and printing outsourcing. Avenida 1 de Mayo Nº. 13-34. Zona Centro.
Office Depot
Offering BSD services in furniture, technology and office supplies . Stores in Zona Occidente and Zona Norte.
Addequar Office
Company supplying office furniture, divisions, filing cabinets and desks. Carrera 69 Nº. 64D-25. Zona Occidente.
Company selling chairs, desks, filing cabinets, divisions, modules and dry wall for offices at Carrera 20 Nº. 66-70. Chapinero.
Company for healthcare products, electric and communications supplies, home and personal care, office supplies, safety and protection and signs. Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00. Administrative offices at Avenida Eldorado Nº. 75-93. Zona Occidente.
Supplies for offices and companies, products available to be made in corporate colours and stamped with corporate images. Carrera 47A Nº. 12A-73. Zona Centro.
Comapny proucing and selling office and business supplies, while donating a percentage of the earnings to the FCI (pediatric cardiology hospital) to finance procedures for children. Calle 85 Nº 22-73. Zona Norte.
Tugo Proyectos
Furniture store branch dedicated exclusively to office supplies and furniture at Carrera 9 Nº. 80-45. Zona Norte.
Disposal services, information destruction, purchase of industrial surplus stocks. Calle 29 Nº. 17-33. Zona Centro.
Manufacturers of quality laminate office furniture, including office desks, computer desks, conference tables and archives.
Amo soluciones integrales
Office furniture rentals, divisions and special furniture available. Opening hours Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30. Carrera 84A N°. 71-14 Zona Centro.
Office design and decoration services, furnitures, windows, floors and finishes. Avenida Carrera 19 Nº. 148-46. Zona Norte.
Comercial Papelera
Offering paper, office, arts and school supplies at various locations throughout the city. Printing, plotting and graphic services. Open 24 Hours. Various locations in Zona Norte and Chapinero. Phone and online purchases. Home delivery.