Organic Food & Health Products

Sustainable organization producing and selling organic food products. They teach classes on ecology and sustainability and have their products for purchase on line. Carrera 57 Nº. 94-17. Zona Occidente.
Specialized in legumes and vegetables. Organic and locally produced food. Calle 102 Nº. 21-55. Zona Norte.
La Ecotienda
Gourmet market offering natural and chemical free products. Carrera 13A Nº. 79-71. Zona Norte.
Mini Mal
Restaurant with an emphasis in food research and creation. Most of their ingredients are specific from the countrys tradition and toxic free without chemical processes. Carrera 4A Nº. 57-52. Chapinero.
Company dedicated to organic agriculture selling fruits and vegetables.
Vivir Bonito
Organic restaurant and market open for breakfast and lunch. Calle 120A Nº. 5-07. Zona Norte.
Sustainability and eco concious this restaurant has the flavours of Colombian cuisine in two locations. Calle 93A Nº. 12-73 and Carrera 6 Nº. 119-18. Zona Norte.
Company growing and selling organic vegetables, life plants and fruits. It is a sustainable farm and has innovative processes with hydroponic products available. Carrera 4 Nº. 69-21. Zona Norte.
Health and orgaic products, gluten dree, fish and sea food products, dairy, chicken and eggs, fruits, vegetables and cleaning products. Home delivery services. Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:00. Saturday: 09:00-17:00. Calle 121 Nº. 7A-33. Zona Norte.
La tienda de los Champinones
Specializing in selling organic produce and prepared food items, associated with small producers of the high-planes surrounding the city. Calle 127 Nº. 70D-65. Zona Occidente.
Corpo Campo
Company working with the native african american communities in the pacific area of the country. Producing acai and hearts of palm with organic certification for sale in Colombia and abroad. On line purchases.
Company selling dry fruit with fair trade and organic certifications. Grown and processed in Colombia and generating local jobs. Carrera 96G Nº. 23A-20. Zona Occidente.
Ecologic store selling organic products comming from their own grounds and imported. Supporting indigenous projects that develop organic products. Carrera 13 Nº. 77A-75. and Calle 41 Nº. 24-20. Chapinero and Zona Norte.
Bio Plaza
Store, cafe and restaurant. Owned by a German ex pat, pioneer of organic food in the country. Daily menu and deliveries available. Transversal 17 Nº. 98-13. and Calle79B Nº. 7-90. Zona Norte.
Health food restaurant selling organic, local and sustainable food. Cooking without refined sugar, fats, and chemicals, Deli shop selling to go meals. Calle 71 Nº. 4-47. Zona Norte.
Agropecuaria Talanqueras
Selling all sorts of organic fruits and vegetables at Carrera 7 Nº. 113-43. Zona Norte.
The planet wok
Restaurant selling food produced with organic ingredients and charged by weight to adapt to all budgets. With an open kitchen to make the cooking and preparing of the food visible to the clients. Carrera 71 Nº. 52A-21. Zona Occidente.
Selling product deriving from fruits and vegetables from the Amazon jungle in the south of the country.
La Bodega el abasto
Restaurant, bodega and market, serving Colombian food prepare with organic ingredients and selling produce brought directly by local farmers and growers. Open from 7:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 on weekends. Carrera 6 Nº. 119B-52. Zona Norte.
Green Market
Selling a broad range of organic, locally grown and Ecocert certified vegetables. Free range and homone free chicken and take away products. Calle 91 Nº. 13A-14. Zona Norte.
El Origen de la Comida
Three restaurants Donostia, Tabula and Los Sanduches del Sr. Ostia, food prepared with local ingredients, sustainable and organic without treatments or chemical processes. Calle 29Bis Nº. 5-84. Zona Centro, and Calle 79A Nº. 8-82. Zona Norte.
Organica en el cielo
A space to taste delicious and organic food surrounded by nature. Country views, a lake and sightseeing spots make this restaurant a family destination for eating and leaving the city behind. Vereda el rodeo, Kilometro 1. La Calera, Cundinamarca