Personal Security & Bodyguards

Seguridad Imperio
Private security firms offering alarms, CCTV, professional bodyguards, and mobile security. Carrera 27C Nº. 71B-45. Zona Norte.
Grupo Atlas Seguridad Integral
Offering services of risk assesment and management, research, technological security, physical protection and bodyguards, and movement of valuables. Calle 20B Nº. 44-52. Interior 3. Zona Centro.
Expertos Seguridad
Offering digital, canine and human security services. Bodyguards trained in defensive and offensive driving, gun management and business protocol. Carrera 64 Nº. 97-68. Zona Occidente.
Seguridad Central
All round security systems including canine security, physical security, electronic security, people and cargo protection, assessing and auditing. Calle 75 Nº. 26-29. Zona Norte.
Surveillance, bodyguards, consulting, risk management, security studies and polygraphs. Calle 20A Nº. 44-80. Zona Centro.
Pilgrim Security
Risk consultancy firm offering security programmes, community relation projects, business intelligence, polygraph, protection of executives and events, information centre. Calle 86 Nº. 19A-21. Zona Norte.
Home security and surveillance services, canine security, body guards for industrial, commercial or home purposes. Carrera 46 Nº. 91-10B. Zona Norte.
Armstrong Security
UK based company providing professional bodyguard and chauffeur services in Bogota. Pre departure preparation, and bodyguard services during journey and at the destination.