Personal Security & Bodyguards

Surveillance, bodyguards, consulting, risk management, security studies and polygraphs. Calle 20A Nº. 44-80. Zona Centro.
Seguridad Central
All round security systems including canine security, physical security, electronic security, people and cargo protection, assessing and auditing. Calle 75 Nº. 26-29. Zona Norte.
Pilgrim Security
Risk consultancy firm offering security programmes, community relation projects, business intelligence, polygraph, protection of executives and events, information centre. Calle 86 Nº. 19A-21. Zona Norte.
Grupo Atlas Seguridad Integral
Offering services of risk assesment and management, research, technological security, physical protection and bodyguards, and movement of valuables. Calle 20B Nº. 44-52. Interior 3. Zona Centro.
Seguridad Imperio
Private security firms offering alarms, CCTV, professional bodyguards, and mobile security. Carrera 27C Nº. 71B-45. Zona Norte.
Expertos Seguridad
Offering digital, canine and human security services. Bodyguards trained in defensive and offensive driving, gun management and business protocol. Carrera 64 Nº. 97-68. Zona Occidente.
Armstrong Security
UK based company providing professional bodyguard and chauffeur services in Bogota. Pre departure preparation, and bodyguard services during journey and at the destination.
Home security and surveillance services, canine security, body guards for industrial, commercial or home purposes. Carrera 46 Nº. 91-10B. Zona Norte.