Plant Hire & Equipment Rental

Generator and electric plant hire services. Maintenance, 24 hour emergency repair, parts and troubleshooting.Carrera 58 Nº. 14-73. Zona Centro.
Environmental services, construction equipment rental, septic tank cleaning and installations. Carrera 27 Nº. 22A-84. Zona Centro.
Renting and sales of equipment and machinery. Consulting and assistance in building and construction projects. Avenida Americas Nº. 36 -11. Zona Occidente.
Electric plant and generator rental and accessories. Short, medium or long term solutions. Calle 100 N° 8A - 55. Tower C. Office 603. Zona Norte.
Construction and DIY specialized market, selling parts, materials and supplies. Renting equipment and tools for construction and renovation projects, consulting and cutting, packaging and delivery. Carrera 68 Nº. 80-77. Floor 2. Zona Occidente.
Offering services of transportation and trucks, forklifts, cranes and other heavy machinery, construction and agriculture parts and equipment. Calle 81 Nº. 11-68. Office 712. Zona Norte.
Offering electrical plants and machine rentals out of several companies that conform the equitel group. Main offices at Calle 82 Nº. 9-25. Zona Norte.
Equipments for building and construction, cranes, mini fork lifts, scaffoldings, transportation, maintenance and repair. Calle 221 Nº. 52-53. Zona Norte.
Trucks, machinery, forklifts and other equipment rental. Autopista Norte Km 19. Zona Norte.