Pregnancy & Childbirth

Clinica Colombia
Hospital offering hospitalization, surgery, consultation, maternity and pre natal consultations and emergencies at Calle 23 Nº. 66-46. Zona Occidente.
Clinica CAFAM
Hospital specialized in paediatric services, pre natal and childrens care. Carrera 16 Nº. 51-36. Chapinero.
Maternity Club and Spa
Offering gym and spa services specially design for each stage of pregnancy. Specialists in physical therapy, psychology, nutrition, alternative medicine, facial and body aesthetics. Calle 97A N° 9-50. Zona Norte.
Boys and Girls
Offering kindergarten services for children and workshops for parents. Monday to Friday: 08:00-18:00. Saturday by appointment only. Calle 104 N° 19A - 53. Zona Norte.
Veronica Fornaguera
As a Doula, provides counselling during pregnancy regarding birth preferences vs actual possibilities in Bogota, as well as basic information for labor and birth; emotional support during labor, birth and post-partum.
Morada Segura
First company in Colombia that provides Childproofing services and car seat installations. Member of the International Association for Child Safety and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Calle 159 No. 16c-39. Zona Norte.
Live Yoga Center
Vinyasa yoga centre offering training and pre natal, post natal, kids and teens yoga classes. Carrera 4A Nº. 69A-09. Zona Norte.
Red Cord
Mother cell freezing and bank facilities. Carrera 16 Nº. 82-29. Floor 7. Zona Norte.