Property Management

Oikos Inmobiliaria
Foro over 35 year the group has offered services as housing agents, and property administrators in the city of Bogota. Carrera 16A Nº. 78-55. Floor 6. Zona Norte.
Professional administration services for buildings, houses, communities, offices, vacation homes and shopping centres. Calle 10 Nº. 27-63. Office 223. Zona Centro.
Coldwell Banker
Realtor offering assistance in renting, buying or selling property.
On line portal designed to assist in managing buildings and other community properties. Calle 25Nº 32-37. Zona Centro.
Horizontal property management and consulting firm. Calle 63A Nº. 11-40. Office 404. Chapinero.
With 30 years of experience in the cities of Medellin and Bogota, this firm provides the services of horizontal property management and estate consulting at Calle 30A Nº. 6-22. Office 404. Zona Centro.
Property management services and accounting, personnel and maintenance of property services. Calle 122 Nº. 7-18. Office 301-302. Zona Norte.
Property management firm. Providing help in legal issues related with property. Calle 53B Nº. 27-24. Office 501. Chapinero.
Cote DAzur Villas
Peace of Mind for your home in France. A la carte property management services from a team of multi-lingual professionals based in Valbonne for over 11 years. From collecting the mail to managing the complete renovation of your home - call us today.
Gestion de Activos Inmobiliarios
Company with 10 years of experience in the property management field. Offices at Avenida 19 Nº. 114-09. Office 404. Zona Norte.