Public Transport: Buses & Trains

Managing the public buses in the SITP area of Usme. Calle 6 SUR Nº.15A-24. Floor 4. Zona Sur.
Masivo Capital
Group of transport companies, responsible for the SITP zones of Kennedy and Suba Oriente. Offices at Calle 26 N° 59-51 Tower 3 Office 504. Zona Occidente.
Consorcio Express
Company in charge of the public buses in the integrated transport system. Zone Usaquen and San Cristobal. Calle 32SUR Nº. 3C-08. Zona Sur.
Company handling the buses in the Suba Centro and Perdomo zones of the mass transportation system in the city. Calle 49 Nº. 13–33 Office 903. Chapinero.
G Movil
In charge of the buses operating in the Engativa zone of the transportation system. Offices at Avenida ciudad de Cali Nº. 13C-51. Zona Centro.
Operating the SITP public buses in the zone of Fontibon. Carrera 31A Nº. 25A - 68. Zona Centro.
Operating the public buses of the integrated transport system SITP in the zone of Ciudad Bolivar. Carrera 17 Nº. 70 SUR-31. Zona Sur.
Transmilenio S.A.
Operating the red articulate buses that run in independent lanes along the main roads of the city.
Public buses in the zone of Bosa are handled by this operator. Avenida El Dorado Nº. 68C-61. Office 529. Zona Occidente.
Este es mi bus
Public transport company in charge of the buses operating within the SITP in the areas known as Tintal, Zona Franca and Calle 80. Offices at Transversal 94L Nº. 80-53. Zona Occidente.