Sailing & Boats

Federacion Colombiana de Vela
National Federation for sale and sailing providing information, meetings and activities related to this sport.
Windsurfing Colombia
Windsurfing community of Colombia with headquarters located just two hours from Bogota. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00-18:00 Laguna de Tomine.
Refugio de Tomine
Club open week round with accommodation, restaurant and water sports lessons and equipment rentals. Represa de Tomine. Kilometro 9 Via Sesquile Guatavita. Cundinamarca.
Club El Portillo
Nautical sports club with class cruisers and sail boats 22 to 30 feet and a fleet of over 30 boats. Kilometro 10 Via Sesquile - Guatavita.
Club Nautico Muña
Club and restaurant next to the Tomine lake. Sailing lessons and practices, skiing and rowing. Kilometro 6 Via Sesquile - Guatavita.