Schools & International Schooling

Lycee Francais Louis Pasteur
International French school with most of its classes taught in that language, as well as following the French educational curriculum. Calle 87 Nº. 7-77. Zona Norte.
Colegio Campoalegre
Member of the Union de Colegios Internacionales, known for its small classrooms and focus on happiness and self realization. Kilometro 6 Via Sopo. Zona Norte.
Saint George's School
Founded in 1959 by a British ex pat, who was later given an MBE for her services in teaching and the English language. Carrera 92 Nº. 156-88. Zona Occidente.
Colegio Santa Maria
Originally founded as Saint Benedicts Academy in 1963 is a catholic, bilingual, girls-only school in Bogota. Carrera 11 Nº. 185B-17. Zona Norte.
Colegio Colombo Gales
Bilingual education with an international mentality. International Baccalaureate. At Avenida Guaymaral, Costado Sur Aeropuerto. Zona Norte.
Swiss school founded in 1948 by ex pats to teach children and adolescents regardless of nationality, or religion. Calle 128 Nº. 71A-91. Zona Occidente.
KSI Bogota
International school for boys and girls aged 3-18. IB World School, offering the International Baccalaureate. Calle 221 # 115- 51. Guaymaral
Fundacion Nuevo Mary Mount
Founded by Sister Marie Joseph Butler of the RSHM. Today, run by a board of parents. It is a fully bilingual school. Calle 169 BIS Nº. 74A-02. Zona Norte.
Colegio Anglo Colombiano
School founded by a group of Colombian and British citizens. Most of its classes are held in English. Located at Avenida 19 Nº. 152A-48. Zona Norte.
Colegio Santa Francisca Romana
Bilingual, catholic and feminine school founded by five nuns from a religious community from Rochester, Minnesota. Calle 151 Nº. 16-40. Zona Norte.
Gimansio la Montana
Colombian School member of the Union de Colegios Internacionales. Their curriculum is an immersion one in which 50% of the teaching hours are taught in English. Carrera 51 Nº. 214-55. Zona Norte.
Colegio San Carlos
Founded in 1960 by a group of monks from the Benedictine community Assumption Abbey. Since 1966 Father Francis Wehri is the principal of this bilingual boys only catholic school. Calle 192 Nº. 9-45. Zona Norte.
Colegio Gran Bretana
Great Britain school offering enrolment for children from nursery school to high school graduation. Students represent 39 nationalities and a third of them speaks English as a native language. Carrera 51 Nº. 215-20. Zona Norte.
Instituzione Leonardo Da Vinci
International Italian School in Bogota. Member of the Union de Colegios Internacionales. Carrera 21 Nº. 127-23. Zona Norte.
Colegio los Nogales
Private, non-for-profit, educational institution. Fully bilingual education, with a native speaker teachers program. Calle 202 Nº. 56-50. Zona Norte.
The English School
International School of English origins, providing students an International Baccalaureate. Calle 170 Nº 15-68. Zona Norte.
Gimnasio Andino
Colombian German school, focused in the formation of bi-cultural students. Teaches students German language and culture. Carrera 51 Nº. 218-5. Zona Norte.
Colegio Nueva Granada
School with an American and Colombian curriculum, with about 20% of students come from abroad, representing 33 nationalities and 12 religions. Carrea 2ESTE N1. 70-20. Zona Norte.
The British International College
Founded in 1980 in the town of Chia. Trilingual education in Spanish, English and French to its students. Calle 21 Nº. 9A-58. Chia. Cundinamarca.
Colegio Colombo Hebreo
Founded in 1944 the school has a full bilingual curriculum and Jewish studies, as well as Hebrew. Calle 153 Nº. 50-65. Zona Norte.
Colegio Rochester
Founded in 1959 the Rochester is an international school offering pre school, elementary, middle and high school. Vereda Fusca. Autopista Norte Kilometro 15. Chia. Cundinamarca.