Secondhand & Antique Shops

Bebes a Bordo
Buying and selling baby equipment. New items, overstocks and second hand items. Monday to Saturday: 09:00-19:00. Carrera 17 Nº. 70A-41. Zona Norte.
Chiros Elegantes
Selling vintage clothes, second hand dresses. One item of each.
Antiguedades Urbino
Specializing in European objects. Mainly in Italian and French antiques. Calle 61 Nº. 7-91. Chapinero.
Como Nuevo
Store buying and selling second hand baby equipment, toys and clothing. Perfect condition second hand items at low prices. Calle 126A Nº. 7-91. Zona Norte.
El Bronzino.
Furniture from the 50s decade and colonial paintings. Carrera 9 Nº. 61-53. Chapinero.
Viajeros del Tiempo
Selling antique objects from various times and places. Calle 150 Nº. 48-46. Apartment 302. Zona Norte.
Toldos de San Pelayo
It’s the most popular flea market in town; held on Sundays in the town square of a residential neighbourhood with lots of colonial charm. Sunday and Holidays: 9:00 – 17:00. Carrera 6A between Calles 119 y 120. Zona norte.
Carpe Diem
At the top of the neighbourhood of Usaquen showcases arts and crafts, food and music and dancing. It has its own parking lot. Sunday and Holidays: 9:00 – 17:00 Carrera 5 Nº. 119B-33. Zona Norte
El Anticuario
Antique shop specializing in telephones of various decades. Carrera 7 Nº. 60-56. Chapinero.
Anticuario Albert y Rossy
Antique shop selling furniture and accessories at Calle 147 Nº. 11-64. Apartment 604. Zona Norte.
San Alejo Flea Market
The space is a big parking lot, full of tents and friendly vendors offering antiquities, handicrafts and curious objects. (Posters, books and old records). Sunday and Holidays: 9:00 – 17:00. Carrera 7 N° 24-70. Zona Centro.
Belle epoque
European art objects, colonial religious objects and republican art. Carrera 9 Nº. 61-24. Chapinero.
El Alcazar
Antique shop selling porcelains of various styles, times and prices. Carrera 9 Nº. 60-72. Chapinero.
Dessvan Antiguedades
Selling antique objects specially from the 20th century. Calle 79B Nº. 7-90. Zona Norte.
Libreria Errata
Offering antique and curious books, furniture and decorations. Carrera 9 Nº. 61-16. Chapinero.
Antiguedades AGP
Antique shop specialized in art and furniture of the XIX century. Calle 79B Nº. 8-49. Zona Norte.
Cambalache vintage
Second hand vintage clothes store. Available Monday to Saturday: 10:30-18:00. Carrera 7BISA Nº. 123-45. Zona Norte.
Ayer y Co.
Antique show offering a variety of objects from yesterday. Calle 62 Nº. 9-11. Chapinero.