Social & Country Clubs

Bogota Tennis Club
Country and social club hosting sports, event, restaurants and activities for the whole family. Autopista Norte. Kilometro 17. Zona Norte.
UMB Golf Club
Country club for golf, tennis, swimming, restaurant and spa. Kilometro 2 Via Zipaquira. Tocancipa
Gun Club
Exclusive social club founded 125 years ago. Social events and reception hall in the north of the city. Calle 82 N. 7-77. Zona Norte.
Carmel Club
Social club in the north of the city. Social events, parties, halls for rent and golf court and tournaments. Open daily from 06:00-21:00. Autopista Norte Nº. 153-81. Zona Norte.
San Andres Golf Club
Exclusive Scottish club with under 300 members, golf court par 72. Childrens golf. 76 Stables. Tennis, and pool as well as a clubhouse. Kilometro 2 Via La Punta. Funza. Cundinamarca .
Club de Banqueros y empresarios
With two different buildings in the city, the club has social, restaurant, golf and other services to member who work in the financial sector. Monday to Friday: 07:00-18:00. Calle 72 Nº. 7-64. Penthouse. Zona Norte.
Country Club Bogota
Offering its services in the north of the city, squash, tennis and social events. Clubhouse, bar, spa and family activities. Tuesday to Saturday 06:00-22:00. Calle 127C Nº. 15-02. Zona Norte.
Club Los Arrayanes
Country club offering sports, social events and exchanges with other clubs at Autopista Norte Kilometro 14. Zona Norte.
Club El Lago
Club with tennis courts, cabanas, swimming pool, lake, bar, restaurant and childrens areas. Fusagasuga. Cundinamarca.
Club La Montana
Offering recreation, restaurant, child services, entertainment, spa, gym, tennis and pools. Carrera 71 with Calle 184. Zona Occidente.
Club de Leones
Colombian Branch of the international lions clubs. Meeting every two weeks.
Club Colombo Libanes
Founded over 50 years ago, by and for Lebanese families to keep in with traditions and culture. Calle 87 Nº. 9-26. Zona Norte.
Club El Rancho
Country club with tennis courts, Golf court, swimming, bowling lanes, gym, horses and social events. Calle 194 Nº. 45-20. Zona Norte.
Club Los Lagartos
Offering its members all the services of the club house, water skiing, golf, gym, spa and hair saloon, as well as restaurants, cafeterias and game halls. Calle 116 Nº. 72A-80. Zona Occidente.
Club El Nogal
Social club with spa, restaurant and event services at Carrera 7 Nº. 78-96. Zona Norte.
Club La Sabana
Social and sports club partnered with the national golf federation. Located at Kilometro 6 Via Briceno. Zipaquira. Cundinamarca.
Club Pueblo Viejo
Country club with pools, tennis and golf courts, stables, restaurants and club house. Kilometro 7 Via Suba Cota. Cundinamarca.
Club El Bosque
Offering its member children playgrounds, horses, basketball, tennis, football and golf courses. Silvania. Cundinamarca.
Club Hato Grande
Offering sports, activities, restaurants, cafeterias, golf course, club house, and events. Autopista Norte. Cajica. Cundinamarca.
Club Guaymaral
Social and sports club offering its members sports, restaurant and social areas at Autopista Norte Nº. 245-01. Zona Norte.