Travel Agents & Trip Planners

Destination Management Colombia
Management services for the main destinations in Colombia. Specializing in conferences, incentives and meeting programs. At Carrera 4 Nº. 30-17. Office 401. Chapinero.
Grupo Aviatur
Travel and tourism agency formed by 24 companies. Corporate travel, transport, documentation, fairs and congresses, events, conventions, incentives, eco tourism, and diving. 24 hour telephone service. Avenida 19 Nº. 4-62. Zona Centro.
Design and promotion of travel packages to an from Europe, North, Centre and South America, Asia and Australia. Transversal 19 Nº. 98-12. Office 401. Zona Norte.
Colombian firm in the tourism sector providing consulting and advising to tourism companies and development of multimedia services. At Carrera 57B Nº  130A-48. Office 101. Zona Centro.
Colombian Journeys
Tailored packaged tourism services. Adventure and trekking. Serving various destinations around the country. Calle 81 Nº. 11-68. Office 208. Zona Norte.
Colombian Travels
Company offering tailor made trips, customised itineraries and small group tours. Sustainable travel and Fair trade values. Avenida Jimenez Nº. 5-16. Office 303. Zona Centro.
The Colombian Way
Tourist packages to the various regions of Colombia and day trips in the city of Bogota. Colombian offices at Carrera 7 Nº. 71-21. Tower B. Office 1301. Zona Norte.
Colombia Oculta
Company offering eco tourism trip planning services. Days out and trips and tours in the towns surrounding Bogota. Carrera 29 Nº. 74-19. Zona Norte.
Panamericana de viajes
Colombian destination management with over 20 years experience. Promotion of fairs and festivals. Offices at Carrera 11 A Nº. 93A-80. Office 104. Zona Norte.
Travel agency offering trips and tours, sightseeing, fishing and other activities in the country. Carrera 11B Nº. 98-08. Zona Norte.
Colombia Green Travel
Professional team dedicated to development of sustainable tourism contributing to the natural, cultural and social resources of the country. Carrera 15. No. 91-30. Zona Norte.
Colombian Tourist
Travel agent planning national, international trips and cruise ship tripos. Offices at Carrera 15 Nº. 93-60. Office 202. Zona Norte.
Viva Consolidadora Turistica
Tourism agency providing services of religious tourism, peregrinations, sports tourism, national and international packages. Carrera 49A Nº. 91-24. Zona Occidente.
Viajar y Vivir
Eco tourism travel agency organizing trips to destinations in Colombia. Carrera 13 Nº. 60-86. Office 405. Chapinero.
Expedition of national and international air tickets, trips and excursions, hotel, car and maritime reservations, terrestrial transport, conferences, incentives and travel insurance services. Calle 90 Nº 13-40. Office 106. Zona Norte.
Gema Tours
Travel agency specialist in conferences, conventions and receptive tourism. Offices in Bogota at Calle 67 Nº. 6-60. Office 403-404 Chapinero.
Carlson Wagonlit Colombia
Offering trips, events conferences, vacations and personal travelling services. Travel safety, travellers protection. Carrera 7 Nº. 26-20. Floor 19. Zona Centro.
Grayline Colombia
Company offering hotels, packages, cruises, tours and transfers. Avenida 19 Nº. 4-09. Office 404. Zona Norte.
Travel agency planning trips in Colombia to the coffee region, the Amazon and the lost city, as well as other international destinations. Calle 86 Nº. 10-88. Office 103. Zona Norte.
Travel agency specializing in education and travelling, Three offices in the citys Zona Norte and Zona Centro. Calle 19BIS Nº. 1-85. Zona Centro.
Large Minority More Local
Ttrip organizers specializing in experiential travel, community tourism, eco tourism and tailor made travel. Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:00. Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-17:00. Calle 120A Nº. 5-02. Zona Norte.
Birdwatching Colombia
Birdwatching tours around the country. Set tours and tailor made. Avenida 19#4-62. Zona Centro.
Ecoglobal expeditions
Company offering expeditions to the national natural parks around Colombia. Carrera 11A N. 93A-22. Office 401. Zona Norte.
Travel The Unknown
International company organizing small groups and tailor made tours to various destinations including Colombia.
Omni Tours
Offering trips across the country in the beach, historic, religious, eco tourism and agro tourism areas. Calle 54A Nº. 15-76. Chapinero.
Trip planners for various locations in Colombia and abroad. Cycling trips and adventures.
Ideal Tour
Planning trips to national and international destinations, cruise ships, groups, retires. Carrera 16 Nº. 106-21. Office 107. Zona Norte.
World Tours
Tourist agent organizing vacation experiences, events and corporate incentives. With over 20 years of experience in the Colombian market. Carrera 13A Nº. 96-18. Zona Norte.
Company promoting environmentally sensitive eco tourism, working with local communities and NGOs. Carrera 20#36-61. Chapinero.