University, Higher Education & MBA

Universidad de Los Andes
University known for its business programs and academic excellency. Offering undergrad, master and doctorate studies and Spanish for foreigners. Carrera 1Nº. 18A-12. Zona Centro.
Universidad EAN
School for business administration with a focus on business competencies and applied entrepreneurship. Exchange programs and Spanish for foreigners courses, and Business Spanish. Calle 71 No. 9-84. Zona Norte.
Universidad Externado de Colombia
University with undergraduate, post graduate, master and doctorate programs. Calle 12 Nº. 1ESTE-17. Zona Centro.
Universidad de La Salle
Office of international services at Universidad de La Salle. Carrera 5 Nº. 59A-44. Floor 5. Chapinero.
Universidad El Bosque
Academic programs in arts and design, science and health, social sciences, engineering, management, education, medicine and Music. Masters programs and PHD program in Bioethics. Carrera 9 Nº. 131A-02. Zona Norte.
Fundacion Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud
University for health sciences with surgery, nursing and medicine programs. Carrera 19 Nº. 8A-32. Floor 3. Zona Centro.
Jorge Tadeo Lozano
Offering undergrad and post graduate programs in the Bogota campus, the Caribbean campus and the Santa Marta campus. Known for its creative programs. Carrera 4 Nº. 22-61. Zona Centro.
Universidad Santo Tomas
University with several exchange connections, under graduate, post graduate and masters programs as well as Spanish for foreigners. Main building at Carrera 9 Nº. 51-11. Chapinero.
Universidad de La Sabana
University in the town of Chia. Known for its communications and gastronomy departments. Programs for international students. On the phone, dial extension number 11321.Autopista Norte Kilometro 7. Chia.
Universidad Central
The Spanish for Foreigners Program uses a broad, intercultural methodology which includes: reading, writing, listening and speaking so that the student will be able to interact in Spanish-speaking contexts.
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Jesuit University holding undergraduate and post graduate programs. To get in touch with the internationalization office, dial the extension number 2021 or 2725. University Located at Carrera 7 Nº. 40-62. Chapinero.
Universidad Nacional
National public university with programs for international students. Carrera 45 Nº. 26-85. Chapinero.
Universidad Sergio Arboleda
University with a large number of international exchange programs, MBA, and Spanish as a second language courses. On the phone Dial extension 2376. Carrera 15 Nº. 74-60. Zona Norte.
Universidad Pedagogica
The Language Center of the Universidad Pedagogica offers Spanish Courses for foreigners whose objective is to improve students communicative competences and familiarize them with the Latin American Culture, especially Colombian Culture.
Universidad del Rosario
One of the oldest universities in the country, with a program of Spanish as a second language courses for foreigners in its campus at Calle 12C Nº.6-25. Zona Centro.