Water Sports, Diving & Scuba

Club El Lago
Club with tennis courts, cabanas, swimming pool, lake, bar, restaurant and childrens areas. Fusagasuga. Cundinamarca.
Dive and Tours
School for beginners and professionals, practice trips to the sea and certifications. Carrera. 7BIS A Nº 124 - 51. Zona Norte.
Club Nautico Muña
Club and restaurant next to the Tomine lake. Sailing lessons and practices, skiing and rowing. Kilometro 6 Via Sesquile - Guatavita.
Club Los Lagartos
Offering its members all the services of the club house, water skiing, golf, gym, spa and hair saloon, as well as restaurants, cafeterias and game halls. Calle 116 Nº. 72A-80. Zona Occidente.
Buceo Colombia
Dive centre for courses, certifications and trips for professional divers. Open daily 07:00-21:00. Avenida 19 Nº. 4 - 62. Zona Centro.
Gaia Scuba
PADI dive centre in Bogota. All PADI dive courses available with a marine biologist instructor.
Dive centre offering theoretical and practical sessions in a pool in Bogota and for certification, practices at sea. Ask for Leonardo Salinas. Open daily 07:00-21:00. Calle 63 Nº. 47-00. Chapinero.
Club El Portillo
Nautical sports club with class cruisers and sail boats 22 to 30 feet and a fleet of over 30 boats. Kilometro 10 Via Sesquile - Guatavita.
Manta Divers
Dive centre with courses for beginners and professionals, and trips for certified divers with travelling opportunities to the ocean. Open daily 09:00-16:00. Calle 77A Nº 13A-24. Zona Norte.
Diving Planet
Diving centre with its main office in Bogota, and a second one in Cartagena. Courses, certifications and trips for divers. Open 08:00 -17:00. Calle 85 Nº. 12-10. Zona Norte.
Selling Scuba gear, and providing diving courses for beginners and professionals, travel certificates and trips to the sea for divers. Open daily 08:00-17:00 pm Autopista Norte Nº 146-48. Store 258. Zona Norte.
Buceo N.A.U.I. Internacional
Centre in Bogota selling articles for diving, equipment and maintenance courses for beginners and professionals, and trips for certified divers. Open daily 08:00-17:00. Calle 129 Nº. 54-08. Zona Occidente.