Weight Loss, Slimming & Nutrition

Mauricio Linares Garzon
Plastic surgeon offering slimming and cosmetic surgery and treatments. Non invasive treatments, laser, and other treatments. Calle 62 Nº. 21-44. Chapinero.
Vital Gym Spa
Measurement reductions, obesity treatment, cellulite treatment, toning therapy. Carrera 15 Nº. 93-60. Store 1-18. Zona Norte.
Medical Laser System
Medical and aesthetic treatments provided by a specialist. Laser hair removal, alternative medicine, medical spa, cosmetic treatments. Carrera 16A Nº. 78-65. Floor 6. Zona Norte.
Dra. Luz Marina Diaz Medicina Estetica
Offering facial, body and capillary treatments. Cosmetic treatments, anti ageing, weight loss and slimming treatments. Carrera 23 Nº. 124-87. Office 202. Zona Norte.
Offering fast balance and fast meso therapy treatments to fight obesity and lose weight. Monday to Friday: 07:00-19:00. Saturday: 09:00-15:00. Calle 95 Nº. 46 - 05. Zona Norte and Calle 138 Nº. 46 - 24. Zona Occidente.
L Mar Laser
Offering cavitation treatments, laser treatment and hair removal, radio frequency, slimming and measurement reduction. Zona Norte.
Andrea Galeano
Laser treatment, aesthetic procedures, facial and body therapies, slimming and weight loss programs. Calle 119 Nº. 14 - 42. Office 304. Zona Norte.
Water Light
Medical centre for acupuncture, alternative medicine, homoeopathy, and treatments against obesity. Monday to Friday: 07:00-19:00. Saturday: 07:30-13:30. Calle 107A Nº. 12-20. Zona Norte.
Bodytech Gym
Chain of gyms and sports centres with the largest number of locations around the city. Offering medical consulting in weight loss and nutrition and spa services.
Ylang Spa
Spa services, aesthetic therapies, detox, ultrasound, cavitation, slimming and weight lost treatments. Carrera 7B BIS Nº. 123-55. Zona Occidente.
Dr. Mendoza
Offering slimming treatments, radio frequency, laser, cavitation and other cosmetic services.
Offering weight loss, slimming and cosmetic treatments. Calle 127 Nº. 19A - 28. Offices 601, 616, 617. Zona Norte.
Innova Laser Center
Laser, radio frequency, cavitation, toning and post pregnancy figure recovery treatments. Calle 103 Nº. 14A - 53. Office 504. Zona Norte.