Windows, Shutters & Glazing

Cortinas y Persianas
Offering curtains, shutters, Japanese panels as well as installation, maintenance and cleaning services.
Offering curtains and drapes, shutters and panels for windows. Several sales points around the city. Show room at Carrera 7 Nº. 121-20. Store 227-228. Zona Norte.
Lugar Deco
Offering curtains, carpets, shutters, blinds, rugs and carpets. Installation, cleaning and maintenance services. Carrera 103 Nº. 133A-45. Zona Occidente.
Grupo Eurosystem
Windows, shutters, energy saving windows, sound insulation, thermal insulation. Hand rails, decks, doors and roofing alternatives. Remodelling services and hand labour. Calle 72 Nº 9-55. Office 503. Zona Norte.
Hunter Douglas
Import of curtain and shutters, international brand present in various decorating stores in all the areas of the city.