Wines, Beers & Spirits

Wine bar, wine shop and restaurant. Offering wine tastings for dummies and various courses and paring classes between their customers. Calle 70A Nº. 10A-18. Zona Norte.
The wine Store
On line and physical store specializing in wines and tastings. Wine club, news and consultations. Calle 81 Nº. 10-50. Zona Norte.
Vinos del Rio
National chain of stores dedicated to wine. Importers, consulting in purchasing, cava and other liquors available. Calle 82 Nº. 9-85. Zona Norte.
Deli shop selling beers, wines, chocolates, cigars and paraphernalia. Located in Andino Shopping centre at Carrera 11 Nº. 82-71. Store 314. Zona Norte.
Casa del Rin
House selling, importing and producing wines, liquors and sparkling wines in Colombia. Their main offices are in Carrera 30 Nº. 9-35. Zona Centro.
PDC vinos y licores
Importing, producing and selling wines and liquors established in the early 1940s. Avenida de las Americas Nº. 50-80. Zona Occidente.
Physical and on line store with a great selection of wines, cavas, distilled liquors and accessories. Calle 84BIS Nº. 14A-21. Zona Norte.
Wine bar hosting free and open tastings, with sommeliers advising customers and the possibility to buy bottles or glasses of wine. Calle 69A Nº. 5-60. Chapinero.
Escobar vinos y licores
With 65 years of history, this store was pioneer in importing and selling wines in the country. Avenida Jimenez Nº. 5-73. Zona Centro.
Club del vino
By becoming a member of the wine club, customers receive two bottles of wine every month at home, and are able to participate in the wine tasting events hosted by the club. Calle 95 Nº. 11A-47. Zona Norte.
Buen Vivir Restaurant
Representing the best wine producers, specializes in Spanish, Chilean, Argentinian and Italian wines. Restaurant and venue for tastings. Calle 79A Nº. 8-31. Zona Norte.
Buen vivir Store
Wine store representing the best wine producers, specializes in Spanish, Chilean, Argentinian and Italian wines. Calle 127 Nº. 17A-63. Zona Norte.