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Looking for a turkey 0 Food & Drink
I would like to treat my family here to as close to a traditional American holiday meal as I can.  Does anyone
started by: Dbuhr · last update: 1510797613 · posted: 1510797613
House construction 0 Home & Garden
I am looking at information on house building here in Bogota
started by: Antony-Wedge-901983 · last update: 1497198151 · posted: 1497198149
Shipping from Bogota to USA 0 General
Hello,Our time in Colombia has come to an end and we need to ship some things back to California. Does anyone know
started by: Staci-Fox-878259 · last update: 1486572228 · posted: 1486572228
US president 1 General
started by: virginius-arnold-891986 · last update: 1485542930 · posted: 1485542681
birthing and/or newborn classes 0 Families & Kids
Hello,Does anyone know of any birthing and/or newborn parent classes that are taught in English? Thanks so much!
started by: Staci-Fox-878259 · last update: 1479387615 · posted: 1479387615
Blood Type Testing 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
So after quite a lot of sweat and tears to get my visa, now they need the blood part for my cedula.  I don't k
started by: cavaleiro · last update: 1460976058 · posted: 1431012285
Multi cultural relationships 11 General
I've had the worst night ever!! Just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm feeling terrible... he just doesn't get wha
started by: Cookie92 · last update: 1456714335 · posted: 1456642413
Big and Tall Stores 9 General
Does anyone know if they have big and tall stores in the city? Apparently I'm too tall for colombian brands and i'm
started by: Gringo-970692 · last update: 1456419848 · posted: 1453454581
Gas vs. Electric 5 Home & Garden
So, Im re doing my place one room at a time and now it's come to the kitchen... I can't decide if I should use gas
started by: JenniferPR · last update: 1456331227 · posted: 1456230001
Moving advice 26 General
Hello Group, I wanted to ask a question that I feel may be perfect for this group. We are moving from the US to Bog
started by: Doety1969 · last update: 1456331108 · posted: 1453406443
Noise laws? 10 General
hey guys, does anyone know what the laws are regarding noise in apartment buildings? We have a bad case of loud nei
started by: FlyingDuck · last update: 1456069555 · posted: 1427743704
Beer challenge! (Tell me your favourite place) 15 Food & Drink
Guys I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'm making it a bit of a quest to try all the best places arou
started by: jake93 · last update: 1455975841 · posted: 1454672763
Pet spa truck 6 Pets & Animals
(Changed this from a classified to discussion so people can reply) I was walking around and saw a mobile pet truck
started by: Sunny60 · last update: 1455806490 · posted: 1455559063
Carraway 4 Food & Drink
I'm trying to make a german recipe and I've been looking for Kümmel a german spice... its called carraway in e
started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1455727214 · posted: 1455558712
Hairstyling 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
hi guys I was wondering whether you could help me, I have a fancy event to go to and I would like to get my hair st
started by: ioleary · last update: 1455643891 · posted: 1454674383
Summer Camps 3 Entertainment
Hello all! I was wondering if any of you guys knew any good summer camps for kids (7 and 12). I know it might be a
started by: nicholasd · last update: 1455643700 · posted: 1454672047
Tailor- made suit 3 General
Hello all, I'm trying to find a really good place (or tailor) where I can get my suits tailor made. Any recommendat
started by: matthew22 · last update: 1455643444 · posted: 1454673244
IVF 3 Families & Kids
Hey ladies Anyone tried IVF in Bogota? Tips/ reviews/ contacts anyone? Thank you
started by: Ounkee · last update: 1455352407 · posted: 1454669453
Zika 7 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I'm worried about this Zika disease!!! It even made it into the news back home and I've been getting calls from peo
started by: Claudia_K-970681 · last update: 1455347645 · posted: 1453938393
Taxi costs 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I've been wondering for a while: how are taxi prices technically supposed to work. Obviously, I know they don't act
started by: Ounkee · last update: 1455136606 · posted: 1450710997