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selling on amazon for beginners 0 Entertainment
If you inform a person that it's possible to generate income on Amazon readily th...
started by: Russell-Harris-894339 · last update: 1488264313 · posted: 1488264313
Localcraft 0 Non-local
Australia's leading local business directory Contact us for more info:W...
started by: Local-craft-893842 · last update: 1487696963 · posted: 1487696963
Shipping from Bogota to USA 0 General
Hello,Our time in Colombia has come to an end and we need to ship some things back to California. Does an...
started by: Staci-Fox-878259 · last update: 1486572228 · posted: 1486572228
Better Guidance from Reviews of Essay Wr... 0 General
started by: EzekielPlace-EzekielPlace-892756 · last update: 1486448719 · posted: 1486448719
US president 1 General
started by: virginius-arnold-891986 · last update: 1485542930 · posted: 1485542681
birthing and/or newborn classes 0 Families & Kids
Hello,Does anyone know of any birthing and/or newborn parent classes that are taught in English? Thanks s...
started by: Staci-Fox-878259 · last update: 1479387615 · posted: 1479387615
Multi cultural relationships 11 General
I've had the worst night ever!! Just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm feeling terrible... he just doesn't get ...
started by: Cookie92 · last update: 1456714335 · posted: 1456642413
Big and Tall Stores 9 General
Does anyone know if they have big and tall stores in the city? Apparently I'm too tall for colombian brands and ...
started by: Gringo-970692 · last update: 1456419848 · posted: 1453454581
Gas vs. Electric 5 Home & Garden
So, Im re doing my place one room at a time and now it's come to the kitchen... I can't decide if I should use g...
started by: JenniferPR · last update: 1456331227 · posted: 1456230001
Moving advice 26 General
Hello Group, I wanted to ask a question that I feel may be perfect for this group. We are moving from the US to ...
started by: Doety1969 · last update: 1456331108 · posted: 1453406443
Beer challenge! (Tell me your favourite ... 15 Food & Drink
Guys I don't know if this has been asked before, but I'm making it a bit of a quest to try all the best places a...
started by: jake93 · last update: 1455975841 · posted: 1454672763
Pet spa truck 6 Pets & Animals
(Changed this from a classified to discussion so people can reply) I was walking around and saw a mo...
started by: Sunny60 · last update: 1455806490 · posted: 1455559063
Carraway 4 Food & Drink
I'm trying to make a german recipe and I've been looking for Kümmel a german spice... its called carraway i...
started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1455727214 · posted: 1455558712
Hairstyling 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
hi guys I was wondering whether you could help me, I have a fancy event to go to and I would like to get my hair...
started by: ioleary · last update: 1455643891 · posted: 1454674383
Summer Camps 3 Entertainment
Hello all! I was wondering if any of you guys knew any good summer camps for kids (7 and 12). I know it m...
started by: nicholasd · last update: 1455643700 · posted: 1454672047
Tailor- made suit 3 General
Hello all, I'm trying to find a really good place (or tailor) where I can get my suits tailor made. Any r...
started by: matthew22 · last update: 1455643444 · posted: 1454673244
IVF 3 Families & Kids
Hey ladies Anyone tried IVF in Bogota? Tips/ reviews/ contacts anyone? Thank you
started by: Ounkee · last update: 1455352407 · posted: 1454669453
Zika 7 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I'm worried about this Zika disease!!! It even made it into the news back home and I've been getting calls from ...
started by: Claudia_K-970681 · last update: 1455347645 · posted: 1453938393
Taxi costs 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I've been wondering for a while: how are taxi prices technically supposed to work. Obviously, I know they don't ...
started by: Ounkee · last update: 1455136606 · posted: 1450710997
Super Bowl 5 Sport & Leisure
Guys do you know any restaurants / pubs that are going to air the superbowl?
started by: steveor · last update: 1454859537 · posted: 1454693100
Post code information? 9 General
Hello it's me again! I've been trying to figure out how to send things to colombja from the us (so that my famil...
started by: Doety1969 · last update: 1454669655 · posted: 1453772313
Shark attack 10 Sport & Leisure
I was just in the coast for holidays and I kept thinking.... There must be sharks in the water... It's the Atlan...
started by: Travelbug85 · last update: 1453575894 · posted: 1451780784
Happy Holidays 3 General
From the entire Angloinfo team, we want to wish all of our clients, users and suppoters happy holidays!
started by: Admin-970311 · last update: 1453405984 · posted: 1450942621
Seeking Volunteer Opportunities 2 General
Hello all, Looking for volunteer opportunities in this area...working with men and/or women on ...
started by: JeffH-989651 · last update: 1452791411 · posted: 1452013343
Baby Shower 6 Families & Kids
A question for the ladies in here... I've been invited to my coworker's baby shower and I don't know exactly wha...
started by: Cookie92 · last update: 1452613677 · posted: 1450294586
Changes to State Pension age for women 3 General
I'd love to know how this was thought of - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery!...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1450730206 · posted: 1449934607
Recruitment Agent 4 Financial & Legal
Does anyone know a good recruitment agent that can help me get a good job in the city?
started by: Cabould · last update: 1450268837 · posted: 1449739784
flushable cat litter 8 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know if you can find flushable cat litter in Bogota? I’m fed up with trash bags and all the me...
started by: StephanieUSA · last update: 1450268835 · posted: 1449665891
Building a Pond 3 Home & Garden
Does anyone know if you need special permission to build a pond in your back garden? We want to get some nice fi...
started by: Americaninbogota · last update: 1450268832 · posted: 1449584979
Botox Treatment 10 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello I'm in need of a little touch up... does anyone know of a goog place to get some botox treatment? not supe...
started by: _Caro_ · last update: 1450265872 · posted: 1449335011
Can you teach me to cook Please? 20 Food & Drink
Anyone out there that would be willing to give me a few cookery lessons? I will provide the ingredients i...
started by: JenniferPR · last update: 1450190440 · posted: 1448801472
Data for project 9 General
I am doing a survey and would like to know if anyone can tell me where i can find out the figures for anglophone...
started by: Silentfire87 · last update: 1450109796 · posted: 1449487733
running a raffle 5 Entertainment
DOes anyone know if you need a permission to hold a raffle in Bogota? I know you do in the UK but I wouldn't eve...
started by: NikkyTA · last update: 1449472848 · posted: 1449335175
Broke my iphone screen! 4 General
I was making my way of the parking lot in Andino and had my keys and jacket and purse and phone in my hands.... ...
started by: BlueLemon-970684 · last update: 1449160490 · posted: 1449136797
Dance Studio 2 Sport & Leisure
Guys I was wondering that someone out there must have any previous experience with dance studios around the city...
started by: ioleary · last update: 1449135847 · posted: 1447495685
Spanish Practice Meet Ups 2 General
Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew of any good events for me to just go and speak with other people, practice...
started by: jake93 · last update: 1449065072 · posted: 1447603396
Electrical goods, UK to Colombia 9 Home & Garden
We are soon to be moving to Bogota on a permanent basis and are reviewing what we should take with us and what t...
started by: Theinder1957 · last update: 1449042891 · posted: 1448957619
Animal welfare 4 Pets & Animals
Can anyone tell me about the animal situation in the country? Free range chicken, organic farms, sustainable fis...
started by: cicanico · last update: 1448977776 · posted: 1447341773
Hand Crafts & Traditional Art 4 General
guys I'm taking some vacations and going back home for a while. I really want to take something special and repr...
started by: matthew22 · last update: 1448883048 · posted: 1447611832
Buying a used car 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello everyone! I was wondering if any of you has ever bought a used car. I want to get a good car that runs wel...
started by: matthew22 · last update: 1448803045 · posted: 1447506459
Radio Stations 4 Entertainment
Any nice radio stations anyone can recomend? real or online... I can't stand "pop" music and the never ending re...
started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1448801314 · posted: 1447339990
Buying wine 5 Food & Drink
I want to buy a few cases of wine. I'm sure some of you must be wine buffs with lots of great suggestions  ...
started by: Martin-970690 · last update: 1448800487 · posted: 1447339853
Used Furniture 2 Home & Garden
Hi everyone! I'm new in town along with my husband, he is working here for a while and we were hoping to ...
started by: Quiented · last update: 1447968893 · posted: 1447744418
Apple Store Bogota 2 General
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows about there being an oficial apple store in Bogota. I've been sea...
started by: nicholasd · last update: 1447822435 · posted: 1447492948
Banking Inquiry 3 General
I was wondering if there are branchs of international banks here?? I'm looking to have a joint account, with my ...
started by: thom92 · last update: 1447784099 · posted: 1447522396
Buying Cacao 1 Food & Drink
Hi, I am trying to find a place that sells cacao and cacao butter particularly in the North of Bogota.&nb...
started by: Manta-10050180 · last update: 1447350018 · posted: 1445527496
A good spa? 4 Sport & Leisure
Hello everybody, has anybody a recommendation for a good spa, maybe around Usaquen? After so much work I feel li...
started by: Mandy2014 · last update: 1445840854 · posted: 1445122232
Airport tax 4 Financial & Legal
I am always confused about the airport tax when leaving Colombia. As a tourist I never paid this tax but when I ...
started by: New_in_Town · last update: 1445388655 · posted: 1445082778
Girls night out 5 Entertainment
can anyone recommend a good cocktail place for a girls night out? Thanks!
started by: PorschaJean · last update: 1445087348 · posted: 1443367071
Laser tag 4 Entertainment
Is there a place in Bogota to play laser tag?
started by: Luke29 · last update: 1445012151 · posted: 1442758581