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I've been wondering for a while: how are taxi prices technically supposed to work. Obviously, I know they don't actually follow the gov't regulations, but it'd be nice to know what they are anyway. Specifically, what's the base price (i.e. the lowest can I ever pay)? I swear a guy tried to charge me a special christmas extra today... :S

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Hello everyone! I was wondering if any of you has ever bought a used car. I want to get a good car that runs well. Good value for money. If any of you have any sort of tips or things to look out for when buying a used car it would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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hi! I love the city but I need to get out once in a while. I love the beach, and I think Cartagena would be an amazing place to spend some days away. I was wondering how easy is to do a roadtrip from Bogotá to Cartagena. Is it safe? Is it really long? How well do I have to know the roads and are any gps I could use? 

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Hi everybody, can anybody recommend a good website where people sell and buy used cars, preferrably within Bogota? Mandy

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Does anyone know of an experienced mechanic capable of tuningh a Land Rover V8, specifically a 4.6 with an Edelbrock Carb, I think I am on the edge of the envelope for the jets due to the altitude. Fed up with self-proclaimed experts who would struggle to change a spark plug or garages that can't do anything outside what their lap top diagnostic tool says.

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Are you allowed to make major modifications to vehicles in Bogota? I'm thinking bull bars / tow bars / roof racks etc, do you need any special permisions?

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Hi I hope this doesn't come off as too hipsterish (because I assure you I'm nowhere near that!) but I'm a bicycle fanatic, both as a sport and as a beautiful piece of desing. I was wondering if any of you guys knew a good store where I could shop for parts to build a custom bicycle or where they build custom made ones. 

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Hello, can any of you recomend an airport transfer service? We are flying out on wednesday and coming back the following Monday but I don't want to risk it trying to catch a taxi on out way to the airport. 

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I'm curious about this uber situation, what do you guys think? Have you used the service? which side of the debate are you on?

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Hi, I wanted to ask the forum: Any recommendation for a car repair shop in Usaquen? Or is it worth going to one of car places that all around the football stadium (el campin)? Thanks much in advance,Daniel 

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When you’re driving a car in Bogota, is it ALWAYS forbidden to turn left? I’m asking because somebody told me so but have problems to believe it, and I couldn’t find conclusive information online… Thanks, Daniel

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So I'm tying the knott and I wanted to get a classic car to drive us from the ceremony to the party, is this something we can do here? I want it to be a surprise, any advice?

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I'm going to Rock al parque this weekend, what is the best way to get there? is easy to find a parking spot?

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I was caught off guard today when parking in the city. is it common that parking lots charge by the minute? I'm not even talking about proper parking houses but a random empty lot with a parking sign?

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Anyone tried to use the cicloruta? Is it safe? Does it cover the whole city? I'm currently living around cedritos and would like to try biking all the way to the center. Would that work or is it too risky?

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Hi everybody, people keep telling me to cross red traffic lights at night if don't wanna get robbed in my car. Is that something you actually do? Do I have to fear consequences if the police catches me? Thanks much, Martin

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Dear Community, is it safe to go to Penalisa (appr. 100 km east of the city) by car? Any experiences or opinions? Currently I'm avoiding certain parts of the city, and I've never left it on my own. Best regards, Martin

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