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Hello all! I was wondering if any of you guys knew any good summer camps for kids (7 and 12). I know it might be a bit early to start thinking about that, but since I have absolutely no idea about any options out there I thought the earlier the better. I would really appreciate first hand experience (i.e were have you sent your kids? for a summer camp expirence),I think my kids could benefit from making friends in that enviorment.   Thanks in advance.

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DOes anyone know if you need a permission to hold a raffle in Bogota? I know you do in the UK but I wouldn't even know where to call and ask if I need one here...

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Any nice radio stations anyone can recomend? real or online... I can't stand "pop" music and the never ending repetition of the same few songs and packed full of ads... any suggestions are appreciated.

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can anyone recommend a good cocktail place for a girls night out? Thanks!

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Is there a place in Bogota to play laser tag?

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Any girls up for seeing 50shades of grey together? My boyfriend here gave me a big No Way! And i really want to see it!

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Guys I'm thinking of getting myself an Apple TV, can you buy it here? does it work well? is it worth using it with netflix to watch tv? Any thoughts would be appreciated. S.

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I’m planning to visit a game of one of Bogota’s football clubs. However, I’m afraid of buying tickets for the wrong area in the stadium (e.g., bad view, no roof, unfriendly people, …). What would you recommend? Thanks, Daniel

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Hello, I'm looking for a cool Jazz bar, with jamming sessions in the north of bogota, please let me know if you know any.

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Hey, I have bought a few xbox games here, original, but they don't work on my xbox that i brought with me, does anyone have a clue as to what that may be? the games I brought with me work just fine.

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Hello everybody, would anybody like to tell me briefly how people celebrate x-mas in Colombia? I have some idea that it might be different than in Germany, for example, but I'm not exactly sure. Especially what happens on which dates... Thanks much!

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Hi guys I was wondering on your thoughts regarding going to a football match! I've heard mixed thoughts. Some say its perfectly safe, some others say cause of the way I look its probably not the best idea, other say as long as I go with a lot of people it should be fine! I was just wondering if any of you guys have been before!

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Dear Fellow-Expats, Does anybody know a nice sportsbar that regularly shows European football? I'm looking for something in the vicinity of Autopista/Calle 127 (Usaquén). Thanks much, Martin

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Hello, are there any outdoor cinemas in Bogota? 

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