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Hello,Does anyone know of any birthing and/or newborn parent classes that are taught in English? Thanks so much!

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Hey ladies Anyone tried IVF in Bogota? Tips/ reviews/ contacts anyone? Thank you

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A question for the ladies in here... I've been invited to my coworker's baby shower and I don't know exactly what to expect, what kind of things do they do here, I know her parents are organizing it... what kind of gift should I bring? I don't know the local protocole for this!!!

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We have plenty of these in Bogota and I have two young kids that can't play outside when it rains... I also don't want them every afternoon and weekend in front of the tv, anyone got suggestions for things to do indoors?

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Do any of the people here who have kids in the international schools notice them having issues settling in and adapting? My kids seem to be (one more than the other) lagging behing in his work, struggling with homework etc...Thanks

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Hello everybody!!! I have a question for you guys! is it normal for colombian teenagers to have iphones? my 13 year old is asking for one and saying everyone at school has one... i think she has no need for such an expensive device, back home none of the other mothers would buy their kids one just like that, the house phone works fine if she wants to call her friends after school and other than that she is not allowed ot go places on her own or take taxis or buses, so if we drive her and pick her up everywhere why does she need a phone really? but also ive seen plenty of girls with phones at her school maybe it is a thing here to get a phone that young? is it a necesity? what d you guys think? THANK YOU for your advice and opinions!!!! :)    

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My kid s are going to a school that is in the very north of the city, closer to chía than to Bogota, and with traffic as it is we were thinking of moving to chia permanently to avoid the commute. I still have to come into the city every day to teach. Anyone has any experiences with this? is it a good place to live?  we don't want to be stuck out there and not be able to find everythign we find in Bogota and theres not much on line as far as information about the place.

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Hi all, I normally don't write in these things but my girlfriend is pregnant, and I'm having doubts about staying in town, have any of you had previous experiences with being pregnant and giving birth in Bogota? are the doctors/hospitals any good? are we better off going back to europe for the duration of the pregnancy until birth? Any experiences and opinions are welcome, she is Colombian and taking it very calmly but I'm worrying!

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I know it's late so probably I won't get an answer in time, but I thought I'd try, just in case. I'm concerned about the strike going on tomorrow, or today actually, basically I want to know if I should keep my kids from school, will their bus come for them regardless of the strike? is it safe to be out and about?

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