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A question for the ladies in here... I've been invited to my coworker's baby shower and I don't know exactly what to expect, what kind of things do they do here, I know her parents are organizing it... what kind of gift should I bring? I don't know the local protocole for this!!!


LÍLEbog 1450357793

Hi, there!
You can find beautiful outfits for newborns at Unicentro Mall.
If you know the gender of the baby, you can buy the outfit with the respective color, you know, blue or pink.
Maria Paula or Maria Helena stores at Unicentro are the places where you can find the appropriate things for the baby.

Don't be complicated, give clothes that they are always welcome.



NikkyTA 1450445612

A friend told me she went to one of those, and she showed up with a present and was the only one... everyone knew to bring money....maybe it was a unique thing just in that case but maybe it's worth asking other guests what they are bringing or what they know. Do you know if men also go to baby showers in Colombia? and do they play games? Do tell how it goes!

Claudia_K-970681 1450710600

Don't you find it a little tacky to ask for money on a baby shower?? I would never feel right about doing that... is that the standard here or just a fluke?

Maria 1452439106


Just a quick reminder that we have listings for children´s clothes and gifts in our directory, in case you are still looking for something.



Cookie92 1452611727

Hi, thanks for all the help, I ended up going to unicentro like LÍLEbog suggested and it all went well... there were some envelopes and gift certificates as presents, and apparently they also had a registry in some baby shop... but it was mostly family members and close friends who got the registry list... it was all big stuff anyway so us coworkers were ok with a few onesies... it was a lot of fun!

Claudia_K-970681 1452613677

That's great that you had fun!! Do share details!! What games do they play and are the men invited as well? I'm curious about baby showers, I've never been to one here!! ;)

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