Concerns about the strike tomorrow

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I know it's late so probably I won't get an answer in time, but I thought I'd try, just in case. I'm concerned about the strike going on tomorrow, or today actually, basically I want to know if I should keep my kids from school, will their bus come for them regardless of the strike? is it safe to be out and about?


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Hi Americaninbogota,

The strike is only on public buses, so private transport such as school buses are not likely to be affected. Since SITP and Transmilenio are sitll running, as well as taxis, it should be relatively easy for employees to find their way to work. Because of all of these reasons it is very likely that a private school in the city north won't be suspending classes. Nonetheless, if the strikes develop into any form of disturbance it might happen that kids get sent back early or classes to be cancelled for upcoming days. Your best bet for more detailed notice is calling the school directly as soon as they open, they will be able to give you the final answer. So far, it doesn't seem like safety would be a very large concern.


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I don't know what school your kids go to but where mine go they have one of those call tree systems in place, so the school calls one person and you start calling each other until all the parents know! In our case school was on today  and if I hear nothing I get them ready and out the door for the bus!! ;)

HOPE it all works out!!!!




Americaninbogota 1413990713

Well, I got the kids dressed and ready, the bus came, and I sent them off to class (regardless of their protests)> just wanted to report it all went well and say thanks fo the advice. 

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